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rules for a happy marriage

by - September 23, 2012

good to remind each other, yes? :) and thanks to my cuz, Nin who introduced me to the International Mixed Marriages page on fb. nothing much yet on that page, but this poster attracted my attention :) why? because, we do need refresher.. apa? ingat diving je kena ada refresher? heh heh :D :p 
i had my argument recently with kaiser... and one thing that i love during an argument is that, kaiser will do all the things that he is supposed to do months ago.. hahhaha :D in our recent case, he was supposed to throw or at least get rid of 2 big boxes away. which i have reminded him over and over again.. his excuses normally would be, "where do i throw them away?" or "the security said i cannot throw them at the garbage area" suggestions were given few times but still, 1 box was still at the balcony and when the wind was strong, it will hit the clothes hanger and all the clothes will be on the floor.. hmmpphh.. and owh... he did laundry without showing me that he did laundry.. heh heh :D best best... 

yeahh it was not a nice feeling when i don't feel like talking to kaiser. well anyway, i would do that to calm myself down. i would spend my time in the bedroom when he is at home and he watched tv.. and it went on for a few days. not that i don't talk to kaiser at all, just that only when i need to. until one day i sent him an email and ask him questions that i want the answer. so anyway, he replied and tried to be funny at the same time. 
the email that i sent to him, i made sure to separate the paragraphs so that he reads every paragraphs. and get the points that i wanted him to get. so, yeah.. he said sorry.. and slowly it gets better. and today, it is better than yesterday... and the day before.

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