pls help amyra balqis bt jefri

pagi2 dah terbaca cerita sedih, bertambah2 lagi lah kesedihan.. dah la dunia sendiri pun dah banyak drama... bak kata kaiser, "you family too much drama. but, i think everywhere also the same" hehhehe :D nasib baik ada last sentence tuh... :p so, anyway, joey has hariraya potluck this morning for his school. i was supposed to roast chicken drumsticks but at the same time tried to order quiche from my sister... at first N3 said she is already packed with orders.. but somehow, she managed to squeeze my order :D heee :D what i ordered, and pictures will be posted in another posting okay... to add it here macam tak sesuai with the topic.

so anyway, when i wanted to pay for the quiche, N3 asked me to transfer to the money to a different account, not N3's... rupa2nya, it was a donation for charity to help amyra balqis bt jefri, a 4 year old girl who is suffering from leukemia & kayap ular. please read the link to know in detail. 

to all my readers, i am inviting you to help donating to lessen the parents' burden.. as her mom now is on unpaid leave to take care of amyra. I would suggest as low as rm5.00 minimum :) 

Bantuan di alu2 kan.

MAYBANK : 112054047075

Let's also pray what is best for her... speedy recovery and may Allah lessen her suffering. Ameen.


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