my passion on animal print/skin

i dont really remember when i started to like this. the only thing that i remembered was when i saw a leopard lingerie sold at the bazaar at the curve somewhere in 2010.. heheh :D then i forgot about it until this year, i saw the snake skin print on the handbag that i like.. which, eventually, i bought :p and owhh before that i bought a long dress with zebra print black and white.. hmmm.. eh... now that i think about it, i do have quite a lot lah! :o so the most recent one was my new pair of shoes... i lost my black heels.. cannot find it.. so, i lost it lah kan.. :p i have to have a pair of black heels for office, no? and i saw this one... it was cheap, and comfortable :) and guess what... the latest one was when i went to isetan and saw another handbag with polka dot snake skin...yey... am i buying it? let's see.. 

my latest office shoes.. 
the handbag that i saw at isetan :D marc jacobs
i think i prefer this one... marc jacobs :) 


~ eeeeee..tak geli geleman ke?
Violet Grace said…
Handbag yang last skali tu plleeeaasee... Cantik giler!!! :D
Ein said…
@orochi.. biar org lain geli... diorg tak pegang bag akak :p hehehe

@VG, kan.... i just got the price fm my friend in US... rm1,050 delivered to Msia :) now thinking harddd.... :p hahhaa
muhammad asyraf said…
erk..kulit ular ke tu?
Ein said…
@MA, design jer... tapi bukan kulit ular betul... hehehe :D

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