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looking for office wear?

by - September 25, 2012

last sunday i was busy helping my youngest sister ehheheh :D helping? herrmmm... more of working :p  hhaahaha :D she has an online shopping for office wear. so, instead of taking the clothes out and put them back in on a mannequin, i became her not so classy model.. hahahah :D oh well, she was going to crop my face anyway... she only needed the body for the clothing :p  so, ok lah... 

you can visit her online shopping at or

hemmm ingat macam senang kalau photoshoot for clothes... when actually it was not.. itu baru suka2.. heheh :D dengan tukar kasut... kejap tukar skirt, kejap tukar tights.. anyway, the pictures are not ready yet. tengah editing kut... below are the bajus that i bought from my sister, for office wear :) love 'em.
jangan la gelak... nak jadik model, tak layak... kat sini je boley :p sebab blog sendiri... hahaha :D

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