looking for office wear?

last sunday i was busy helping my youngest sister ehheheh :D helping? herrmmm... more of working :p  hhaahaha :D she has an online shopping for office wear. so, instead of taking the clothes out and put them back in on a mannequin, i became her not so classy model.. hahahah :D oh well, she was going to crop my face anyway... she only needed the body for the clothing :p  so, ok lah... 

you can visit her online shopping at www.runwayexecutives.com or http://www.facebook.com/runwayexecutives.

hemmm ingat macam senang kalau photoshoot for clothes... when actually it was not.. itu baru suka2.. heheh :D dengan tukar kasut... kejap tukar skirt, kejap tukar tights.. anyway, the pictures are not ready yet. tengah editing kut... below are the bajus that i bought from my sister, for office wear :) love 'em.
jangan la gelak... nak jadik model, tak layak... kat sini je boley :p sebab blog sendiri... hahaha :D


b@by ph@t said…
Love the red skirt..look confident when wearing red..I just discover that we have same music interest..currently been listening to Follow the leader by Jennifer Lopez..thought of just sharing ..feel free to visit my blog rai901.blogspot.com..have a great day =)
Ein said…
hi baby phat :) actual color is orange :D hehehe :D last night i have been watching someone, i forgot wht her name was.. saying that when our mood is down, we should wear bright colors to excite our mood :)

we have the same music interest? thats good to hear.. :) already visited your blog :)

thanks for dropping by.. happy blogging!
KorN said…
wahh.. posing sakan gitu.... hehehe...

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