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little hero is down!

by - September 19, 2012

i repeat.... little hero is down... hmmm ... :( last weekend was not a good one for me. things happened around - domestic :p hence, my laptop was still in its bag until i brought it back to the office on tuesday! when i thought i can go blogwalking... :( i am truly sorry guys/gals... nevertheless, i will visit your blog... and insyaallah i will leave a trace :) 

joey fell sick last sunday evening. the whole of monday we stayed home and took care of him. gave him fever medicine but towards after asar, he gets worst. so decided to take him straight to the hospital since his temperature was too high. true enough, 40.3 and i can feel my hand like hot - burning when he rested his head on my hand at the ER. doctor's result was, his tonsil was swollen and infected, he has fever, flu, cough, sore throat. 
last night kaiser soaked the face towel with a bowl of iced water and wrapped around joey's leg to bring down his temperature. that was what his late grandmother did when he was ill last time :) heheh :D as long as it works :) but need to do it every 15 minutes. 

so... guys/gals... i will be a bit packed with office work since an event is coming up. will somehow scheduled posts for you to read ;) take care all... and happy blogging!

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