Tuesday, September 25, 2012

help me be calm

warning: i will be jumping here and there in this posting.

had an interview session today, 2 candidates for marketing executive. nope, not replacing my current team member, just adding 1 staff for a temporary position. my current executive will be on maternity soon. candidate A was a high flyer.. almost straight As student.. and candidate B who needs to 

changed my mind on what to write pulak... hmmm well right now i noticed that my tolerance on patience has reduced. not that i cepat marah... aku tak la nak jerit2... but i will be very expressive lah in terms of words... memang nak kena maki jugak lah... entah lah.. getting tired of the 'kepura2an world' kut... and seriously letih deal with stupid people. not saying that i am so pandai... but puhlesss lah... boleh tak fikir sebelum balas apa2 email or balas apa2 pertanyaan... demmm!! nampak muka dia??? naik biru tau tak tahan gerammm...


Violet Grace said...

Same here... Kadang2 when unnecessary or unreasonable things thrown at me, I would istighfar first then take a deep breath before responding to them. Just my 2 cents. :)

Nur Atiqah Mohd Zaki said...

sabar.. dugaan mmg macam too..
eyqa taw ain boleh hadapi.. support
u dear..

Ein said...

thanks @VG & @NAMZ :) lately ni kerap hilang sabar la.. hmm kena practise bersabar balik... i guess ala2 volcano dah berkumpul and meletup tu kan.. :)

*tarik nafas... istighfar :) *