boarding school, or not?

my mind is 'serabut' you know... haa... baca macam slang itu mat salehh. :P hehee :D sorry, just in the midst of messy mind. i am contemplating whether or not to agree of sending joelis to a boarding school. somehow, now the urge is stronger to just try to apply. whether or not they will get it, that will be a different issue. but how? i already told joey not to go ... and same goes to lisa. i just cannot imagine my days without any of them. today just by looking at smk seri puteri website has given me the goosebumps. :'( and joey to mckk?? hmmm... 


~ kak ain xnk bg sbb nanti kak ain akn rindu dorang drg cene? Xcited nak g atau biasa biasa sajeks??
Ein said…
kalau tanya joey skrg, dia tak mau... :) lisa pun tak mau... :)
~ ehehe..then x yah laaa..

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