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i bake...

to release my stress.... when i cannot sleep... when i am bored and rajin at the same time... so, here's the story... if you read my previous posting, i was supposed to re-start my gym session with my PT aka hubby :p LOL :D.. as usual, when you have not done it in ages... you will drag yourself... what was my excuse? i ermmm.. had to pick up lisa from tuition? :D hehehe :D and i had to finish law & order that started at 8.05pm... you can't watch a series half way right? :P anyway, if i was really up to it for my gym, i would have just go after maghrib.. then, pick up lisa.. :) bad bad bad me... :( 
by the time we got home again... it was already about 10pm... and as usual the bed was calling me.. but did i sleep? no... i joined kaiser on the couch... hehehe :D manja2 like dat... nahh.. grabbing the remote and disturbing him.. hehehe :D what were we watching ehh? gosh... i don't remember... anyway... by 10.55pm, he said he wants to sleep... but.. errmmm the new series o…

we are moving part II

i have been reading my own blog and visited my fellow blogger friends. very not like me not to blog every day.. hehe :D right? sorry, been busy... (boring with this excuse? :p) currently have a few stuff in my mind.. work of course.. the good part is, work is better :) calmer than before. why? heh heh... for me to know.. not for you to find out. nevertheless alhamdulillah for a good place to work and stay.. for the moment :)
as we speak now.. or as i am posting this, i have finished packing 5 boxes... and no 6 is on its way :) my workstation is like being hit by hurricane :p excited with the moving office? yes! happy with my team's area? ermmm... not really... something is not balanced with the design. but, i can live with it.. 
and actually i want to type more but i am hungry right now... might start back my gym session with kaiser tonight... i need the energy :) hmmm what do i eat yeah.. oh... did i mention that i am trying to cut down my rice intake? hahaha :D trying :P we'…

Joey and I before bed time :)

Me: joey, I love u
Joey: I love u too
Me: you promised will love me forever?
Joey: yeahh!
Me: love me forever and ever and ever?
Joey: yeahh!
Me: Promise to love me more than your wife?
Joey: aah? Errr I .. Dunno..
Me: joey!
Joey: yea Ma, I dunno..
Me: hey! I come first okay..
Joey: ermmm..
Me: cheh.. I love u.. *hug*
Joey: love u too ma :D

:p :D
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help me be calm

warning: i will be jumping here and there in this posting.

had an interview session today, 2 candidates for marketing executive. nope, not replacing my current team member, just adding 1 staff for a temporary position. my current executive will be on maternity soon. candidate A was a high flyer.. almost straight As student.. and candidate B who needs to
changed my mind on what to write pulak... hmmm well right now i noticed that my tolerance on patience has reduced. not that i cepat marah... aku tak la nak jerit2... but i will be very expressive lah in terms of words... memang nak kena maki jugak lah... entah lah.. getting tired of the 'kepura2an world' kut... and seriously letih deal with stupid people. not saying that i am so pandai... but puhlesss lah... boleh tak fikir sebelum balas apa2 email or balas apa2 pertanyaan... demmm!! nampak muka dia??? naik biru tau tak tahan gerammm...

looking for office wear?

last sunday i was busy helping my youngest sister ehheheh :D helping? herrmmm... more of working :p  hhaahaha :D she has an online shopping for office wear. so, instead of taking the clothes out and put them back in on a mannequin, i became her not so classy model.. hahahah :D oh well, she was going to crop my face anyway... she only needed the body for the clothing :p  so, ok lah... 
you can visit her online shopping at or
hemmm ingat macam senang kalau photoshoot for clothes... when actually it was not.. itu baru suka2.. heheh :D dengan tukar kasut... kejap tukar skirt, kejap tukar tights.. anyway, the pictures are not ready yet. tengah editing kut... below are the bajus that i bought from my sister, for office wear :) love 'em.

we are moving :)

by 1st October, 2012, we will be at our new office. nak carik kerja lain asyik belum ada yang berkenan di hati... so pindah office pun jadik lah.. terasa jugak macam office lain.. ye dak.. hehe :D no i have not started packing yet... belum ada mood. kenapa entah... nanti kena pakai jeans lah.. then baru boleh full swing mengemas. sekarang dok pakai skirt ketat2 ni.. kaghang koyak pulak.. :p hahaha :D 
sekarang ni short postings la.. ekk.. sorry... hajat di hati nak bebel banyak2, tapi macam tak larat sangat... dah tua sangat ke aku ni haa?? :"( hahaha terus emo :p

boarding school, or not?

my mind is 'serabut' you know... haa... baca macam slang itu mat salehh. :P hehee :D sorry, just in the midst of messy mind. i am contemplating whether or not to agree of sending joelis to a boarding school. somehow, now the urge is stronger to just try to apply. whether or not they will get it, that will be a different issue. but how? i already told joey not to go ... and same goes to lisa. i just cannot imagine my days without any of them. today just by looking at smk seri puteri website has given me the goosebumps. :'( and joey to mckk?? hmmm... 

rules for a happy marriage

good to remind each other, yes? :) and thanks to my cuz, Nin who introduced me to the International Mixed Marriages page on fb. nothing much yet on that page, but this poster attracted my attention :) why? because, we do need refresher.. apa? ingat diving je kena ada refresher? heh heh :D :p  i had my argument recently with kaiser... and one thing that i love during an argument is that, kaiser will do all the things that he is supposed to do months ago.. hahhaha :D in our recent case, he was supposed to throw or at least get rid of 2 big boxes away. which i have reminded him over and over again.. his excuses normally would be, "where do i throw them away?" or "the security said i cannot throw them at the garbage area" suggestions were given few times but still, 1 box was still at the balcony and when the wind was strong, it will hit the clothes hanger and all the clothes will be on the floor.. hmmpphh.. and owh... he did laundry without showing me that he did laun…

my passion on animal print/skin

i dont really remember when i started to like this. the only thing that i remembered was when i saw a leopard lingerie sold at the bazaar at the curve somewhere in 2010.. heheh :D then i forgot about it until this year, i saw the snake skin print on the handbag that i like.. which, eventually, i bought :p and owhh before that i bought a long dress with zebra print black and white.. hmmm.. eh... now that i think about it, i do have quite a lot lah! :o so the most recent one was my new pair of shoes... i lost my black heels.. cannot find it.. so, i lost it lah kan.. :p i have to have a pair of black heels for office, no? and i saw this one... it was cheap, and comfortable :) and guess what... the latest one was when i went to isetan and saw another handbag with polka dot snake skin...yey... am i buying it? let's see.. 

astro - reconnection

i am typing this post to share with you if, in future you face the same situation like me. i am known as payer for my parents.. hehehe :D simply because i use maybank2u for most of my transactions. it saves time... blah.. blah... not getting paid promoting maybank here! :p anyway, since joey is still on medical leave, he stays at my parents' place. he called me up to ask if my mom has paid the astro bill or not. obviously, not :p since the service has been disconnected!
so as usual, i will do the paying for my mom.. and i need to reconnect the service. normally i would call astro's 1300 number :) but today i learned something new. 
before you your proceed with the steps below, of course you need to make payment, if not, don't waste your time sms-ing :p
Step 1: Use your handphone/mobile phone or what ever you call it.

Step 2: Text message, write the following details.

ASTRO_space_RCO_space_ACCOUNT NO._space_DATE OF PAYMENT (ddmmyyyy)_space_AMOUNT PAID

(Example: ASTRO RCO 0…

sincere advise

this is actually about our artist(s) on accepting performances' job. to read about the whole story, best that you visit the reason why i am posting this is because i am very ermmm how do i say it, i really like the way this individual wrote/advise people... when i read it, it is firm and yet subtle.

there is no need to 'shout' and say unpleasant things in getting the message across. :)

little hero is down!

i repeat.... little hero is down... hmmm ... :( last weekend was not a good one for me. things happened around - domestic :p hence, my laptop was still in its bag until i brought it back to the office on tuesday! when i thought i can go blogwalking... :( i am truly sorry guys/gals... nevertheless, i will visit your blog... and insyaallah i will leave a trace :) 
joey fell sick last sunday evening. the whole of monday we stayed home and took care of him. gave him fever medicine but towards after asar, he gets worst. so decided to take him straight to the hospital since his temperature was too high. true enough, 40.3 and i can feel my hand like hot - burning when he rested his head on my hand at the ER. doctor's result was, his tonsil was swollen and infected, he has fever, flu, cough, sore throat.  last night kaiser soaked the face towel with a bowl of iced water and wrapped around joey's leg to bring down his temperature. that was what his late grandmother did when he was ill…

alahai joey...

fetched joey from his science tuition yesterday.... as soon as he gets into the car, he asked...

Joey: Ma, kalau dapat 4A 1B tak boleh msk SAB ye Ma? Me: Alahai Joey..knp la Joey ty Mama soalan mcm tu? Joey: Tak boleh ke Ma? Me: Tak boleh la sayang.. Joey: Tp kak Lisa kata tak 5A pun boleh..ada je budak yg masuk. Me: Its different.. Satisfaction tu lain laa.. Knp? Yang mn Joey tak confident? Joey: Penulisan.. Me: hmmm
what's left is to doa now... as long as he has done what needs to be done.. there is nothing that we can do, except, to doa. 

too tired

has been quite a productive day today... but my tummy feels funny :'( why aahh?? and so tired... 

more on upsr...

sorry guys... yeup.. memang aku tak tenteram sekarang ni... my mind is with joey... and tak henti2 doakan untuk anak bujang aku tu... and selalunya the doa goes automatically for my princess who will sit for her pmr next month. ada jugak la orang2 yang mulut tak ada insurance nak laser2 bila para ibu lain or bapak yang nervous bila anak2 sits for the exam. ye lah.. anak diorang belum time lagi... tengok lah time anak korang nanti... 
why am i at the office when my son is taking the exam? shouldn't i be at his school to support him? :) good question... hehehe :D my style of bringing up my children may not be 'approved' by some parents. but then again, they are my kids and i do what i feel is best for them :) alhamdulillah so far they have been good kids.  so, months before upsr, i asked joey if he wants me to be on leave. 
me: joey, nanti upsr joey nak mama ambik cuti ke? joey: mama nak cuti untuk apa? me: entah, tak kisah lah.. sajer... sebab joey nak exam joey: hmmm mama…

what is upsr

so, what is the fuss about upsr... for those who don't know what upsr is.. i managed to get the info from
UPSR exam is on Tuesday, 11 September 2012. 
Primary School Evaluation Test, also known as Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (commonly abbreviated as UPSR; Malay), is a national examination taken by all students in Malaysia at the end of their sixth year in primary school before they leave for secondary school. 
It is prepared and examined by the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia), an agency that constitutes the Ministry of Education. 
Students in national schools (sekolah kebangsaan) are required to take five subjects, in addition to an aptitude test. Students in Chinese and Tamil national-type schools (sekolah jenis kebangsaan) are required to take two additional language subjects, totaling seven subjects.

got a call from joey's sch!!!

Hati dah la tak tenteram.. Tiba2 hp bunyi.. No tak kenal.. When I picked up...
Caller: assalamualaikum Me: wsalam Caller: boleh ckp dgn pn nurain m kalam? Me: saya bercakap Caller: ibu pada Ilham Jauhari? Me: *Ya Allah! Terus berderau darah aku...knp pulak ni* Ya, saya Caller: Ini cikgu dari SKS Me: Ya, kenapa ya? *jantung terus berdegup kencang* Caller: Saya nak tanya tshirt Ilham Jauhari untuk orchestra size berapa? Me: *masyaAllah... Lega rasanya* owh.. Tshirt.. Ada contoh ke tak?
And the conversation continues...
Kot ya pun... boleh tak jangan call dari sekolah time time macam ni??? heh heh heh :D :p

Upsr is today!

okay... i am at the office but my mind is with joey... insyaallah he will do fine... ya Allah, permudahkanlah untuk anak ku dan juga anak2 lain yang menduduki peperiksaan UPSR yang bermula pada hari ni... 

Menjelang upsr

Haa tu dia.. My hero.. Bukan superhero tau... Inilah hero kesayangan hamba - Joey.. Upsr lagi 2 hari.. Dengan tenangnya dia mengadap laptop... Kejap ehh, aku nak intai apa yg dia tengah asyik masyuk tu...
Hemm let's list down: Hotmail - to check his email9gag - haa yg ni aku pun suka tgk.. Kelakar siot..Facebook - sebab aku suruh dia check apa yg aku terupload pakai account dia.. Heh heh saper suruh main2 dgn my Note, kanTwitter - hmm yg ni, dia ni dah pandai secret2.. Nanti kau!! Punya la ramai awek2 htr direct messages! Astro Tutor - haa!! Yg ni aku setuju dan sokong :*

Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡K Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡K ... Nak solat zohor jap and hantar report gaji kat my mom.. Kalau tak kaghang aku tertido, payah :p

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pls help amyra balqis bt jefri

pagi2 dah terbaca cerita sedih, bertambah2 lagi lah kesedihan.. dah la dunia sendiri pun dah banyak drama... bak kata kaiser, "you family too much drama. but, i think everywhere also the same" hehhehe :D nasib baik ada last sentence tuh... :p so, anyway, joey has hariraya potluck this morning for his school. i was supposed to roast chicken drumsticks but at the same time tried to order quiche from my sister... at first N3 said she is already packed with orders.. but somehow, she managed to squeeze my order :D heee :D what i ordered, and pictures will be posted in another posting okay... to add it here macam tak sesuai with the topic.
so anyway, when i wanted to pay for the quiche, N3 asked me to transfer to the money to a different account, not N3's... rupa2nya, it was a donation for charity to help amyra balqis bt jefri, a 4 year old girl who is suffering from leukemia & kayap ular. please read the link to know in detail. 
to all my readers, i am inviting you to he…

Zyraroxx: Follower Datang Bertubi-Tubi

untuk menambahkan bilangan follower dan menghilangkan rasa hati yang pada saat dan ketika ini sedang gundah gulana :D let's do some happy things!!! :D

how: Put the banner above in your blog.follow me :) follow zyraroxxput a comment in this posting :) supaya akaq tau la, awak follow akaq... Bilangan followers akaq sekarang: 56 :) malu tak? malu tak? heheheh :D

if only you know how i feel.. :(

i so wanna blog... i want to blabber... i wanna write something.. (ehh this is not something already??) no, i mean, something that i really want to write about... but time is too short today.. argghhh.... will be back!! :p