Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Setiap kata itu satu doa

@ainkalam_osbahr: Be careful w wht u say... Setiap kata itu 1 doa.. Kan Tuhan dah makbul! :'( #nyesal #astaghfirulahalazim Pls God.. Make me well :(

I was chatting with my office colleague this morning about how boring it is to be at work. This is probably a seasonal thing for me. And I told her that I wanted to be on MC tomorrow. I was 90% healthy okay today when I was chatting with her. She teased me.. There are too much stuff to settle before the holiday.

And the 1pm meeting was about to start. I was still okay... Joking around with those who were already in the boardroom. Somehow, just like about 10 minutes when one of my team members started to present our report, I started to have a very bad cramp... My hands started to be really cold.. Nausea and tummy don't feel so good... I just had to step out of the meeting. :(

I felt like vomiting.. Went out immediately.. Then looked for any minyak angin.. My abdomen was pricking! :'( spent most of the time at the restroom.. Till I bbmed my sr staff told him I was ill in the restroom. Was adviced to go to the clinic.. And here I am - at home flat.. And got an MC for 1 and a half day.

Moral of the story: words that come out from your mouth can be a doa!
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orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ akak cakap dalam bulan puasa..bulan puasa kan segala doa insyaAllah di makbul kan..

Ein said...

kan... hmmm..