Monday, August 13, 2012

penang village restaurant - my personal review

from a person who doesn't like to have iftar outside seems to be having iftar out for like 3 days in a row including today. as usual, kaiser will be complaining because he eats only little and we are paying like rm40++ per person. i don't care, what the heck. i am paying for the food + the ambiance + the people i dine with. 

N4 planned to buy dinner for our family and N3 just tag along to join the crowd. certain times, i prefer to be without husbands. less headache with the non-stop complaining. before i turn this posting into my grumble towards kaiser, i better focus back to the restaurant :p 
  • date of visit: 12th Aug, 2012
  • location: Penang Village Restaurant, GE Mall, Jalan Ampang. KL,
  • place: the usual seats were beautiful, hence i planned to have our family photo shot here. unfortunately there were too many people, and we got the seats further out.
  • decor: beautiful, elegant, english style and looked expensive. 
  • cleanliness: it was okay.
  • service: it was buffet... our table was cleaned up by a part timer. she was ok. just that prior to that N3 requested for them to add more black pepper beef but it was not replenished. choice of menu for that price... ermm not enough choices. 
  • price: a total bill of rm399.00 for 8 pax.
  • food: rice + prawn, sweet sour fish fillet and few others, char kuey tiow, cakes etc.. 
will i recommend the place? yes but it is better to go there for ala carte. food is better. 

activities after food :p by this time, my dad was already out of the restaurant :p

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