looking for ramadhan buffet below rm60/pax - help?

okay... lisa has this plan for iftar with her classmates. when i asked her what was the budget, she said, 'the class has a lot of money ma' so, okay... but that cannot help me from helping her, can i? hmmmm... we normally search on a budget... as far as i know, most hotels are above rm60.. in the end she said, 'ok ma, it should be below rm60 per person' but they don't really want to have it at a hotel... aduh laa... my challenge for my princess... so just now i browsed the internet. now it is not as easy as before where most people will have the list laying around... with ramadhan buffet prices. 

so anyone?? help please?? 
for now, i managed to get flamingo hotel, ampang. 
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♥ aN_Na ♥ said…
Hartz Chicken Buffet for your princess (and her classmates) would be perfect. Very reasonable price :)
Ein said…
thanks @anna... they have decided to have it at pizza hut :) btw, i visited the hartz chicken website.. the restaurant theme song is catchy and funny... hehehe :D

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