Friday, August 10, 2012

lesson learned!

okay this is how it happened... i stayed back at the office yesterday for some reason.. and my eyes are getting tired to go through the procedures as some of us were still finishing up internal audit. and at the same time, i got excited because i was editing some pictures we took after the smart solat class yesterday. 

as usual, most of the employees have gone home, i started to do some unnecessary changes on my blog. normally i would save a copy of the existing content and template. and i guess, it is bound to happen, i did not do that yesterday. to cut story short - i lost all my link on the right side of my page! my children's links, and some of my daily reads links... argghh... only another blogger would understand how i feel at this moment! 

okay...okay.. enough feeling bluerghhh... now it is time to search and think back on the url address for those links!

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