last day of smart solat :(

today is the last day of smart solat - arranged by our training department. we started since the beginning of ramadhan. alhamdulillah i have gained a lot since attending the 1st class. understand better in performing my solat and i get to share it with my kids :) and for some information, i gathered to explain better to kaiser as he has all these questions in his head that i cannot answer. i am so grateful that i just cannot explain in words that i am given the opportunity to attend such classes. my wish is, that in future, our training department will be able to have such classes, again. 

insyaallah, i will gather all my notes and post it up here in my blog. :) but please do not take it as something perfect, as i am only gathering what i captured during the classes and that answers to my questions. do make an effort to attend religious classes as we need to educate ourselves not only for dunya, but also for akhirat (hereafter).. :) oh my... have i started to speak like... ermmm... sorry... i meant it guys/gals :) not expecting an abrupt changes in myself - but alhamdulillah, i do change positively someway or another. 

for those who wishes to have a speaker for islamic lecture and/or motivation, i would highly recommend ustaz zul ramli. not only he is knowledgeable, he has a sense of humor too :) and he communicates well with the audience.
ustaz zul ramli b razali

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Ein said…
:) thank you... wahhh bertambah reader akak.

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