Sunday, August 12, 2012

iftar outside is not for me

remember my previous posting about my princess who had plans to have iftar with her classmates? they decided to have it at pizza hut klcc yesterday. there were so many people in klcc!! it was expected since it is the ramadhan but ermmm we have not had iftar outside anyway. so the 3 of us took the lrt because my car was still at the workshop and i was too lazy to drive anyway. my dad sent us to the lrt station. i was taking the chances that there will be a space for joey and i at pizza hut. what am i thinking? of course not! hahaha :D

lisa joined her friends who booked 2 long tables. joey and i had our break-fast somewhere at the stalls. i had a bottle of mineral water while joey had a not so nice orange juice. kaiser arrived a lil bit later as he just got back from work. apparently he decided to take the lrt also! hahhaha :D told him to try to look for seats at the dome. 

there were huge crowd of people near the water fountain :) aahhh... i forgot to take a picture.. i should have :( must be too hungry :p but alhamdulillah, we got a space... because of the double standard treatment that people normally experience in malaysia. when joey and i arrived at dome, we saw kaiser was already in there. i told joey that we should only enter when kaiser has got seats for us. told joey, "let's wait till kaiser gets seats. he is a mat salleh, they'll try extra hard to get him a place to sit :p" well, true enough.. *sigh* aahhh malaysia... 
notice the food arrived but NO cutlery?
food arrived pretty fast but guess what?? they were out of cutlery!! how can that be possible??? kaiser's ice water did not arrive until we went home. i requested for gravy for my salmon steak, did not arrive either. a waiter who cannot speak english sent apple martini and he didn't know what to explain... goshh... ahh i will explain further in my other post on restaurant review. 

i enjoyed being with the family but the troublesome of getting a place (because we did not book) was not nice. and the surau was packed because everyone prayed all at once and they had to rush back to their dinner table. and enjoyed the lrt ride later... owh... and not to mention the queue at the ticket counter!! people... always, get your touch and go card ready!! it helps!

i prefer iftar at home - obviously! 
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