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dome klcc - my personal review

by - August 12, 2012

  • date of visit: 11th Aug, 2012
  • location:  Dome, KLCC
  • place: nothing much to talk about. getting bored with the setting i guess. the sofa that we got was ridiculous according to joey. the cushions really need to be changed!!! it was very uncomfortable and ugly!
  • decor: normal for a restaurant, nothing special. 
  • cleanliness: it was okay.
  • service: waiters must know how to communicate with customers. how to be a waiter if you cannot even speak or understand english properly? cutlery was not enough! i would say for yesterday, the service was quite bad. 5 out of 10. kaiser's iced water did not arrived, and my gravy too! 
  • price: a total bill of rm107.00 for 3 pax. normally price for dome.
  • food: salmon steak, mushroom pasta, lasagna, marble cheesecake.
will i recommend the place.. ok lah but there are better places around. :/

  • please ensure there are enough cutlery every time.
  • if the waiter button on the table is not working, just don't have it at all. 
  • if you don't have a customer's order, go back to the customer and inform. do not just ignore the request!
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