Monday, August 13, 2012

dodol for hari raya - for sale

my mom runs a cafe at PPUM, petaling jaya. and she did this with her cafe crew specially for hari raya. there are 2 types of dodol.
  • normal dodol
  • durian dodol
pls send me a message if you are interested. self pick up in KL Sentral :)
until stocks last! :)

dodol info taken from wikipedia:
Dodol is a toffee-like, sweet food delicacy popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines (especially in the Ilocos Region inLuzon), the Lanao provinces of Mindanao, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Burma, where it is called mont kalama. It is also popular among the Roman Catholics from the west coastal Indian state of Goa. It is common fare on the streets of Zanzibar, sold as halva. It is made with coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet. It normally takes up to 9 hours to cook dodol. During the entire cooking process, the dodol must be constantly stirred in a big wok. Pausing in between would cause it to burn, spoiling the taste and aroma. The dodol is completely cooked is when it is firm, and does not stick to one's fingers when touching it.

In Muslim majority countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, dodol is commonly served during festivals such as Eid ul-Fitr andEid al-Adha as sweet treats for children. The town of Garut in West Java is the main production center of dodol in Indonesia. Many flavors of dodol are available, including a durian flavor called lempuk, which is available in Asian food stores. In Malaysia, it is quite popular amongst the eastern states, such Kelantan and Terengganu, while in Indonesia durian dodol is popular in Medan and other Sumatran cities.

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