Friday, August 10, 2012

blogs i follow

okay, before i proceed with this posting, some people might find it ermmm... say... disturbing.. or .. how do i say - ermm better not say lah. :p 

i am just blabbering, so bare with me :p i think my blog has been repaired. and there are changes on the right link.. i normally put 5 blogs that i read daily.. hand-picked blogs.

because of the contests that i joined some time ago, i have followed many blogs.. but to be honest i cannot be reading all blogs that i followed. i do have some favorite blogs. blogs that write about children, relationship, parenting, family, beautiful stuff etc.. not quite sure how to explain it here. 

so anyway, since i lost the links, now i am just listing all the blogs that i follow and the top 5 most recent updated will be at the top, which is good also because then i get to read the newest stories. :) heee :D so, you bloggers out there.. i think if you want to be called a blogger, you should really update your blog more often? just my opinion :)
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