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back to memory lane

by - August 26, 2012

this is where we used to live. rumah kayu... berlantaikan simen... i remembered there was a small drain in the middle of the kitchen because my dad extended the kitchen. i used to run in the house, fell into the small drain and cut my toes.. i don't really remember when i started to live here :) but we were here till 1979... i was 7 years old before we moved to another house... :) a better one, i would say. my parents were teachers and they got this teachers' quarters. when i was smaller, i felt that the house was spacious enough for us. but i guess at that time, my mom did not feel that way because both my parents worked really hard for a better place for us to live in :) 

yesterday, we went to our old house... and omg... when i looked at it.. yeahh it looked small.. but still love the classiness :) i meant... it's vintage :p i think the government has broaden the main road in front of the house, so now the lawn looked really small. we had a bigger lawn before, i knew because i remembered my dad can drive and made a circle with his beetle! 

this was the house where i grew up :) i was embarrassed at that age... i had no house phone.. and my house was made of kayu... :p hehee :D 37A, jalan kg pandan luar... yeaupp... that was the address :) and till today, the house still exist!
 there wasn't a bench back then, but i remembered sitting on that sort of fence, and fell down.. hehe :D 

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