Friday, August 31, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i am not in the mood

sorry dear readers...

i am not in the mood so much to update my blog... so many sad things happened for the past week... days... i was browsing the internet... from the pictures they posted on the blood clot, mine was bigger. 

there were few deaths known among friends... sadness in raya month... al-fatihah... 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

tmnet vs ainkalam

when everyone was busy preparing for hariraya... and i was very sick for the last few days before raya, someone claimed to be a representative of a law firm wanted to sue me for not paying my tmnet bills, some 3 years ago! when i have clearly made a call to them to terminate the service... hmmm i wish not to repeat. if you want to know more, i did write about my frustration in my blog. you can search under 'tmnet'.... apparently there are a lot of complaints from customers about their service & customer service. suka2 jer nak charge orang when the customers already requested to be terminated. 

damn you tmnet!!! luckily i kept all my emails and how they treated their customers!! 

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


kenapa malam ni rasa tersangat buhsan? kaiser dari tadi dok layan dvd... dah 2 cerita dia layan... entah apa2 entah... dah la citer kelakar bangang... tadi aku buhsan, aku mandi basuh rambut... tak de kena mengena sebenarnya... tapi itu la yang aku buat. perut lapar tapi dah tak tau nak makan apa. tadi dah tapau soto dari rumah mama... untuk lisa dengan joey... ada lebih sikit... kuah sup pun ala kadar jer... tak pe lah... itu rezeki aku malam ni... dan sangat terasa nak makan ice cream. mesti aku tengah tension... kalau tak, kenapa aku teringin nak makan ice cream? kan... 


kat luar hujan... tadi aku angkat kain yang kat balcony... esok kaiser kena basuh baju... bakul laundry dah penuh.. pun tak de kena mengena dengan apa yang aku rasa malam ni.. yang nyata, itu yang bermain dalam otak aku. mungkin aku masih terfikir2 mimpi aku malam tadi... memang agak terganggu lah... aku ni banyak fikir pasal kaiser, mama aku kata... hmmmpphhh... 

ehh kejap... kaiser panggil pulak... ajak tengok JLo kat tv.. hehehe :D nanti sambung eh... 
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back to memory lane

this is where we used to live. rumah kayu... berlantaikan simen... i remembered there was a small drain in the middle of the kitchen because my dad extended the kitchen. i used to run in the house, fell into the small drain and cut my toes.. i don't really remember when i started to live here :) but we were here till 1979... i was 7 years old before we moved to another house... :) a better one, i would say. my parents were teachers and they got this teachers' quarters. when i was smaller, i felt that the house was spacious enough for us. but i guess at that time, my mom did not feel that way because both my parents worked really hard for a better place for us to live in :) 

yesterday, we went to our old house... and omg... when i looked at it.. yeahh it looked small.. but still love the classiness :) i meant... it's vintage :p i think the government has broaden the main road in front of the house, so now the lawn looked really small. we had a bigger lawn before, i knew because i remembered my dad can drive and made a circle with his beetle! 

this was the house where i grew up :) i was embarrassed at that age... i had no house phone.. and my house was made of kayu... :p hehee :D 37A, jalan kg pandan luar... yeaupp... that was the address :) and till today, the house still exist!
 there wasn't a bench back then, but i remembered sitting on that sort of fence, and fell down.. hehe :D 

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Friday, August 24, 2012

The call

Enough with hari raya food. Looking at my muffin top just disgust me. Can i blame it on the time of the month right now? Ngeee.. i seated on the floor after watching a very touching movie, the urge came... I must start now.. Or i will not start... I got up, went to my little corner where i arranged all my free weights and started lifting them up. And yeahh i feel good. I must continue the routine again :-) i must!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

1st Day Raya

Just got back to our own home after almost one full day at my parents... Good food as usual. Lots of ketupat.. And rendang.. Biggest mistake was... I forgot my Canon!!! Of all things... Luckily Lumix was in the handbag that i used today but battery life was only half. Hmmm so i guess its pictures by Note and my sister's Ipad.

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Salam Aidil Fitri & Maaf Zahir Batin

Assalamualaikum warah matullahiwabarakatuh..

To all my blog readers... family & friends.. 
Kalau ada tersilap laku terkasar bahasa, saya mohon ampun dan maaf. 
Semoga amalan kita bersama di terima Allah swt.

To those who will be driving back to kampong, drive safe!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ramadhan is ending

Ramadhan you are going to be missed. Automatically everytime during Ramadhan we will pray together until after terawikh..

I am too sick to write too much right now.. Will be back later ok..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Setiap kata itu satu doa

@ainkalam_osbahr: Be careful w wht u say... Setiap kata itu 1 doa.. Kan Tuhan dah makbul! :'( #nyesal #astaghfirulahalazim Pls God.. Make me well :(

I was chatting with my office colleague this morning about how boring it is to be at work. This is probably a seasonal thing for me. And I told her that I wanted to be on MC tomorrow. I was 90% healthy okay today when I was chatting with her. She teased me.. There are too much stuff to settle before the holiday.

And the 1pm meeting was about to start. I was still okay... Joking around with those who were already in the boardroom. Somehow, just like about 10 minutes when one of my team members started to present our report, I started to have a very bad cramp... My hands started to be really cold.. Nausea and tummy don't feel so good... I just had to step out of the meeting. :(

I felt like vomiting.. Went out immediately.. Then looked for any minyak angin.. My abdomen was pricking! :'( spent most of the time at the restroom.. Till I bbmed my sr staff told him I was ill in the restroom. Was adviced to go to the clinic.. And here I am - at home flat.. And got an MC for 1 and a half day.

Moral of the story: words that come out from your mouth can be a doa!
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gang jubah hitam

LOL! :D sound so gangster-like.. :P okay here's the story. i received an email last friday that some of the ladies staff are planning to wear black jubah and take photos :) for fun. apparently they have done it in 2010. Somehow, my name was included in this year's project :p hehehe :D and i am not wearing hijab... i feel honored :) thank you for those who invited. so what we did was, everyone comes to the office in black nice jubah and take pictures, that's all. the plan was at 12noon but postponed to 4pm. really enjoyed the session. here are photos... you can view more in my other blog. 

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masih kah ada ramadhan

aku tertengok cerita ni baru kejap tadi. mata dah layu sebenarnya. badan letih sangat. tapi sebab dah tertengok, dan bila ada eman manan, terus sambung tengok sampai habis. tak lah faham sangat sebab tengok pun dapat 45 minit terakhir. terus bercucuran air mata aku. aku sedih bila mak dia sedih. terus aku teringat dekat mama... mama aku bukan jauh pun. the advantage of staying nearby. sekarang kami semua adik beradik dah tinggal berdekatan. dulu aku satu taman dengan mama & ayah. kemudian, pelan2 aku makin jauh. aku pun tak sedar macamana boleh jadi macam tu. agaknya nak something new kut dari segi housing area. kakak aku yang sulong, dari usj, dia beli rumah dekat bkt wangsa mas, pun dekat jugak dengan mama & ayah. dia banyak duit, as in banyak extra.. so boleh la beli rumah berbijik2 :p 

aku? beli pastu dapat untung sket, jual dan beli lain, dan sebahagian aku laburkan tempat lain. antara lain, aku teringin nak bagi duit sekepuk kat mama & ayah. sekarang mungkin aku belum boleh bagi bulan2 tapi so far alhamdulillah, aku dapat bagi sekepuk dalam 2 kali setahun. atau paling tidak pun aku teringin nak provide semua untuk mama & ayah. 

aku tak tau kenapa tapi lately aku ni sensitive sangat. cepat betul nak ternangis. dah la kalau director2 ni, bila nak raya jer, semua keluar cerita2 sedih.. apa lah salahnya direct cerita yang happy2? agak2 orang melayu ni asyik suka nangis je ke? *sigh*

aku sekarang ni kerap pikir, apa aku nak buat kalau mama & ayah dah tak de lagi... tiap kali aku balik kerja, aku tengok muka mama letih jer balik kerja. kadang2 dia marah2 ayah. aku kesian dekat ayah. ayah aku dah  73 tahun tapi dia masih sihat, alhamdulillah. cuma boleh nampak lah ayah aku dah berusia. aku jadi sedih. aku tengok kulit ayah dah kedut2 banyak... lengan ayah makin kurus. tapi ayah aku masih ceria :) kadang bila ayah kena marah dengan mama, ayah kecik hati. tapi aku faham jugak kalau mama marah2 tu sebab mama letih. 

sekarang kalau aku balik kerja, aku nak spend time dengan mama & ayah... cuma ye lah, aku ada family aku sendiri. joelis kena balik awal sebab sekolah pagi. rumah aku ada rules, by 930pm dah kena masuk bilik masing2. tidur atau tidak, perkara kedua. ada laki lagi. tapi sebenarnya aku tak puas. tak puas spend time dengan mama & ayah. aku rasa mama & ayah dah buat macam2 untuk anak2 dia. walaupun setiap orang anak dia berbeza, mama & ayah, try jugak fulfill. 

last weekend aku marah dekat mama sebab lambat datang rumah aku. aku bentak2 sendiri. anak2 aku terdiam sebab memang aku tengah marah sangat dengan mama aku. cuma at that time, aku rasa, kalau mama busy, it's okay... aku boleh jer ambik teksi sebab kereta aku kat workshop. and aku tak mau pakai kereta kaiser. malas.. nanti apa2 yang tak kena, jadi pasal.

bila aku nampak mama drive kenari tu naik bukit ... aku terus rasa bersalah.. sebab marah2, walaupun mama tak tau aku marah2. dia tengok kitorang yang dah tunggu tepi jalan tu, dia senyum jer. rupanya mama belum rehat lepas balik dari cafe. terus datang sebab nak hantar kereta pada aku... :"( ain minta maaf ma... ain hilang sabar. 

bila berakhir cerita tadi, narrator tu cakap...
kasih ibu bawa ke syurga, kasih ayah sepanjang jalan
i love you so much mama & ayah... so much that i cannot describe... 
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Monday, August 13, 2012

penang village restaurant - my personal review

from a person who doesn't like to have iftar outside seems to be having iftar out for like 3 days in a row including today. as usual, kaiser will be complaining because he eats only little and we are paying like rm40++ per person. i don't care, what the heck. i am paying for the food + the ambiance + the people i dine with. 

N4 planned to buy dinner for our family and N3 just tag along to join the crowd. certain times, i prefer to be without husbands. less headache with the non-stop complaining. before i turn this posting into my grumble towards kaiser, i better focus back to the restaurant :p 
  • date of visit: 12th Aug, 2012
  • location: Penang Village Restaurant, GE Mall, Jalan Ampang. KL,
  • place: the usual seats were beautiful, hence i planned to have our family photo shot here. unfortunately there were too many people, and we got the seats further out.
  • decor: beautiful, elegant, english style and looked expensive. 
  • cleanliness: it was okay.
  • service: it was buffet... our table was cleaned up by a part timer. she was ok. just that prior to that N3 requested for them to add more black pepper beef but it was not replenished. choice of menu for that price... ermm not enough choices. 
  • price: a total bill of rm399.00 for 8 pax.
  • food: rice + prawn, sweet sour fish fillet and few others, char kuey tiow, cakes etc.. 
will i recommend the place? yes but it is better to go there for ala carte. food is better. 

activities after food :p by this time, my dad was already out of the restaurant :p

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dodol for hari raya - for sale

my mom runs a cafe at PPUM, petaling jaya. and she did this with her cafe crew specially for hari raya. there are 2 types of dodol.
  • normal dodol
  • durian dodol
pls send me a message if you are interested. self pick up in KL Sentral :)
until stocks last! :)

dodol info taken from wikipedia:
Dodol is a toffee-like, sweet food delicacy popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines (especially in the Ilocos Region inLuzon), the Lanao provinces of Mindanao, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Burma, where it is called mont kalama. It is also popular among the Roman Catholics from the west coastal Indian state of Goa. It is common fare on the streets of Zanzibar, sold as halva. It is made with coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet. It normally takes up to 9 hours to cook dodol. During the entire cooking process, the dodol must be constantly stirred in a big wok. Pausing in between would cause it to burn, spoiling the taste and aroma. The dodol is completely cooked is when it is firm, and does not stick to one's fingers when touching it.

In Muslim majority countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, dodol is commonly served during festivals such as Eid ul-Fitr andEid al-Adha as sweet treats for children. The town of Garut in West Java is the main production center of dodol in Indonesia. Many flavors of dodol are available, including a durian flavor called lempuk, which is available in Asian food stores. In Malaysia, it is quite popular amongst the eastern states, such Kelantan and Terengganu, while in Indonesia durian dodol is popular in Medan and other Sumatran cities.

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hatred gets into me

it has been very frustrating moment. at times although i tried to keep it to myself, i am NOT that patient. it will blow up someday. i would give it 2 weeks maximum. i am just speechless and i don't know what to do. i hate to go to work tomorrow - seriously... - just hate work now!!! i hate everything about work except for the pay. i am starting to hate everyone around me at work... wow... i am so full of hatred! i need to stop this. i am just frustrated, that's all. 
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

dome klcc - my personal review

  • date of visit: 11th Aug, 2012
  • location:  Dome, KLCC
  • place: nothing much to talk about. getting bored with the setting i guess. the sofa that we got was ridiculous according to joey. the cushions really need to be changed!!! it was very uncomfortable and ugly!
  • decor: normal for a restaurant, nothing special. 
  • cleanliness: it was okay.
  • service: waiters must know how to communicate with customers. how to be a waiter if you cannot even speak or understand english properly? cutlery was not enough! i would say for yesterday, the service was quite bad. 5 out of 10. kaiser's iced water did not arrived, and my gravy too! 
  • price: a total bill of rm107.00 for 3 pax. normally price for dome.
  • food: salmon steak, mushroom pasta, lasagna, marble cheesecake.
will i recommend the place.. ok lah but there are better places around. :/

  • please ensure there are enough cutlery every time.
  • if the waiter button on the table is not working, just don't have it at all. 
  • if you don't have a customer's order, go back to the customer and inform. do not just ignore the request!
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iftar outside is not for me

remember my previous posting about my princess who had plans to have iftar with her classmates? they decided to have it at pizza hut klcc yesterday. there were so many people in klcc!! it was expected since it is the ramadhan but ermmm we have not had iftar outside anyway. so the 3 of us took the lrt because my car was still at the workshop and i was too lazy to drive anyway. my dad sent us to the lrt station. i was taking the chances that there will be a space for joey and i at pizza hut. what am i thinking? of course not! hahaha :D

lisa joined her friends who booked 2 long tables. joey and i had our break-fast somewhere at the stalls. i had a bottle of mineral water while joey had a not so nice orange juice. kaiser arrived a lil bit later as he just got back from work. apparently he decided to take the lrt also! hahhaha :D told him to try to look for seats at the dome. 

there were huge crowd of people near the water fountain :) aahhh... i forgot to take a picture.. i should have :( must be too hungry :p but alhamdulillah, we got a space... because of the double standard treatment that people normally experience in malaysia. when joey and i arrived at dome, we saw kaiser was already in there. i told joey that we should only enter when kaiser has got seats for us. told joey, "let's wait till kaiser gets seats. he is a mat salleh, they'll try extra hard to get him a place to sit :p" well, true enough.. *sigh* aahhh malaysia... 
notice the food arrived but NO cutlery?
food arrived pretty fast but guess what?? they were out of cutlery!! how can that be possible??? kaiser's ice water did not arrive until we went home. i requested for gravy for my salmon steak, did not arrive either. a waiter who cannot speak english sent apple martini and he didn't know what to explain... goshh... ahh i will explain further in my other post on restaurant review. 

i enjoyed being with the family but the troublesome of getting a place (because we did not book) was not nice. and the surau was packed because everyone prayed all at once and they had to rush back to their dinner table. and enjoyed the lrt ride later... owh... and not to mention the queue at the ticket counter!! people... always, get your touch and go card ready!! it helps!

i prefer iftar at home - obviously! 
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