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what is my problem?

by - July 11, 2012

i don't know.. maybe i am just feeling bluerghhhh... just about my own satisfaction... or maybe because i feel down with kaiser's comment about how i look in his eyes... i am never perfect for him. in fact come to think about it, no one is perfect in anybody's eyes.. don't you think? so, i am in a shopping or make over mode.. because i have been neglecting the gym, i have been buying books on fitness at home... duhhh... yeah... just like a psycho thingy in my mind.. hahahaa LOL :D buying and doing are 2 different things, okay... and being a woman, i want everything to be perfect first... so, imagining myself to have my own small sets of equipment... and place for me to workout. kaiser is going to freak out with what i am going to do with our home.. but do i care? no! *evil* it is just a way to protest on how he feels/think about me :P 

i have 2 sets of dumb bells that i bought myself... and they are the women dumb bells (light) and kaiser bought the free weight dumb bells because he thinks that i need a heavier ones... so, now, all i need is a nice single dumb bell rack for our home to place those dumb bells nicely.. currently i have mine on the floor... and his free weights in the store. they were heavy okay! and i dropped 1 single of it on my toe before, so i know! heheheh :D

so now, this is what i plan to do... :p jeng jeng jeng... i have asked for estimation for mirror wall because then i can do my own cardio, dancing with my kids and/or my sisters :) or at times, i can salsa/meringue with kaiser at home.. just like a dance studio. next, i wanna get the matt for yoga... so that when i do the floor exercise, i won't hurt my back :) nope, i do not have carpet on my flooring because lisa & kaiser are against carpets :p 

that's all... when all is done, i am going to put the extra tv that we have, (it has been in our bedroom unused) in front of the mirror wall, and a dvd player... so, we can do zumba! yey! 

Benefits Of Zumba
Why Zumba? Because:
  • You burn loads of calories if you do it right, Google it and see!
  • You improve your coordination and body movement
  • You sculpt and tone your muscles from head to toe, without realizing it!
  • It’s fun, energetic and get the heart pumping, which is great for weight loss
  • It works on both the young and old (because it’s relatively low impact), at all fitness levels.
  • It’s easy to follow and fun
  • It’s a workout that makes you feel good at the end of it

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