Monday, July 16, 2012

The weekend has ended

I had a great weekend :) balancing work and kids.. Alhamdulillah. I forgot that today is monday because I took the day off to be with joelis. Lisa got a day off.. And Joey is on MC for flu and a bit fever. However it didn't stop us from doing things together :) I wish this will continue.. اِ نْ شَآ ءَ اللّهُ... And somehow as I am tweeting in the lrt now, I read this... The questions that I have been asking myself. God, why do you give me this challenge? Do You still feel that I am that strong that You believe I could handle this? Masyaallah.. and if that is so.. Please help me God, and please guide me all the way, because this creation of Yours almost fall to her feet, just again.... :'(

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Once your heart stops, you've boarded a one-way flight to the Akhira. There is no return Visa, so are your suitcases overweight or empty?

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