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selamat berpuasa :)

by - July 19, 2012

looking at most of the blogs that i follow, filled with selamat berpuasa wishes... and just now i was walking, passed by my colleague's cubical. she is going to be on leave... going back to Ipoh... and at that moment... my thought came... simply because i supposed since i am a city girl/woman or whatever you wanna call it, i don't really make it a huge thingy to start the fasting month. but of course, normally 1st day of breaking fast will be at my parents' place. so, people... how do i normally have my breaking fast? 

this year, i asked my parents if we are going to have terawikh at my parents' house. last year my mom was busy with her new business - cafe, so, the terawikh was not really everyday. i kinda missed it :( so, to avoid disappointment, i ask first.. plus few days back i saw a notice at my condo, they organize terawikh everyday that starts at 9pm...which to me is good enough :) 

so the verdict, weekdays at my parents' and weekend at our own homes... and i wonder... *if you know what i am thinking right now*
this is my niece marissa aka moisha:)
to all my dear readers, happy fasting ya... :) salah silap harap maafkan, halal kan makan minum... eh sedih pulak... :p 

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