Thursday, July 19, 2012

School Kids & Handphone? Poll

do you agree for school kids to be allowed to bring handphones to school? i have been listening to the radio about this topic. as parents, i would agree only if, when the school bell rings, all handphones should be kept by the teacher at one special and safe place. children should only be allowed to take back their handphones after school ends. 

Joey: What about during recess Ma? Can we take the handphone?
Me: No, they can only take back after school finishes.
Lisa: Kids can also be target of thieves, Ma
Me: hmmm true too...
Joey: Nanti Joey imagine, masuk kelas ada basket, semua handphone masuk basket.. hehhee :D
Me: Yeup... hahhaa mama pun imagine macam tu... :D

kaiser is one of the parents who complaints that handphones should be allowed in school. however, i know how chaos it can be when that happens... handphones lost, kids fight over handphones, no concentration if handphones are allowed without monitoring, cheating in exams via sms/bbm... 

i would say, although handphones can be useful in school, proper rules should be in place. 

So can you please help me with the poll? :) up there....  and if you have reasons, please share them in the comment area in this topic :) thanks! 

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Violet Grace said...

Provided the mobile phone is created specially for school kids, which has only 4 basic buttons for emergency calls only like what they have in Japan siap ada a 'panic' alarm and GPS to find lost kids.

Ein said...

wahhh thats news... i heard this morning, one lady called the radio station, she suggested for the phones to be a basic one, no internet, no camera just for making calls :)

Queen of hearts said...

I send and fetch my boys from school. Sometimes they stay back after school, sometimes classes are cancelled or posponed and sometimes they go on a field trip. I'd feel a lot better knowing that I'm able to get through them anytime.

Yes, I agree with Violet. I think basic mobile phone would be great. The best if everyone carry the same basic phone, as in same brand, same design only different colour. This way, there won't be any peer pressure.
No way I'd allow my eldest son to bring his iPhone to school. :}

Ein said...

hehehe :D yeah true... the reason is so that parents are aware that their kids are ok and their whereabouts... last time during events, my kids will bring their phone to school and how Lisa said all her friends' phones are either iphones or blackberry... i think i am more comfy letting them bring their old simple sony :) heh heh...