Wednesday, July 4, 2012

nursing mom & herbalife product

tsk tsk tsk... why suddenly i have become a herbalife promoter? hmmmmphhh... where's my commision wehhhh?? hehehe :D anyway, after posting info on me getting slimmer ie reducing my fat%, i have a friend asking if nursing mom can consume herbalife products. so, i did some research on the internet. i did ask my ex husband who is still  active doing herbalife, but as usual lah kan... he doesn't respond to my question... 

here's what i found.

QUESTION: I am currently nursing my forth child and all is going beautifully. I am interested in starting the Herbalife weight loss program I was on before my pregnancy. Can you tell me if it is safe? I would be happy to send an ingredients list.

~ Linda

Dear Linda,

I have done some research on the Herbalife products you were asking about. I have spoken with three people who are knowledgeable about both herbs and breastfeeding. I know you will be disappointed, but the general consensus is that this is not a good plan for a breastfeeding mother--especially with a newborn. If your baby were closer to a year, it probably wouldn't be as much of a concern. While none of the ingredients are necessarily harmful, there are some concerns about them:

#1. This diet has the potential to help a mother drop a large amount of weight quickly. As I mentioned to you in my original letter, that is not a safe thing for a nursing mother to do. Also, it could negatively impact your milk supply.

#2. There are many stimulant-type herbs in these preparations. That is why women themselves may feel good while on this diet. But it is not a good thing for a baby. Just like with caffeine, they can affect the baby's sleep and feeding.

#3. There are so many different herbs in these preparations. Your baby could be sensitive to one, and you would have no way of knowing which one it is. Some of them could potentially decrease supply, some have a laxative effect, and some, as I mentioned above, could affect your baby's sleep and/or feeding.

I certainly understand your wanting to lose the weight and wanting to do it quickly. (I need to do the same and I sure wish it could happen overnight!) But you can lose weight safely while breastfeeding. There is a really good book called "Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding" by Ellen Behan. I believe it sells for about $11.00--probably less than the herbs in Herbalife. Weight Watchers also has a plan for breastfeeding mothers. Just increasing exercise without even changing your diet can help you lose weight. And, if you increase exercise as well as reducing fat, you will get even better results. Realize that you are doing the most important thing in the world right now for the health (both physical and emotional) of your baby. I know you don't want to compromise that in anyway.

Good luck, Linda!


another opinion/testimonial:

I am a nursing mother and have been using the herbalife shake- formula 1, tea, and multi-vitamin since my daughter was 10 mo. old.

I was very critical about what diet program to use since I wanted to lose that last baby weight (10 lbs) but didn't want it to affect my daughter. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of Nutrisystem products after I heard that one of their actress "spokesmodels" had been able to use it while nursing only to find out that the company itself would not let me sign up for their membership because I was nursing. So I ended up giving it away to someone else. I looked at other diets and products and nothing seemed to be what I needed while still nursing until I found Herbalife.

I spoke with one of the representatives and realized that it was completely natural to take because it's completely healthy plant food and it's a complete meal. It provides much more nutrition than if I had made a meal for myself. It even increased my milk supply to a healthy level and I knew that my daughter was getting as many nutrients possible. 

Since I've started, I've lost 20 lbs., feel great, and am excited to talk about their products. There are certain ones that you should avoid because they are natural energizers and stimulants but the top three mentioned above are completely safe to take after your baby is 6 months old and has started on solids. You can lose weight fast on this program and that can interfere with your milk production so it's best to wait until 6 months.  

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ein asks: any herbalifer out there who can help?? if you ask me, personally, once if my baby has started taking solid food, it is ok... :) tepuk dada tanya selera. coz logically your baby dah ada makanan lain selain daripada susu ibu, kan :)