my girl turns 15 today :)

24th July, 2012
Happy Birthday Sweetheart... 
mama loves you so very much!!

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Violet Grace said…
Alhamdulillah I'm still able to watch the talented lil gal grows up into an amazing young lady... Please send my hugs and kisses to Lisa...
~ nak menyebuk gaks la.."hepi besday lisa..!!!" ehehehe
~ dh wish kat wall fb dia pg tadi..
Ein said…
insyaAllah :) good huh she has a mom yang rajin update blog... (mcm org tak de kerja pulak ye? >:p )

and yes, alhamdulillah she is amazing :)
Ein said…
orochi... she will only be able to see it on Friday evening after 6pm... internet usage permission only on weekends or holiday. :)
~ ehehehe..takpe kak..aslong dia bule tengok..ehehehe

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