Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my dad, my hero ~ selamat hari pahlawan :)

the amcrew @hotfm - my friend in the morning while driving to work :)
usual, routine on the way to work.. i will be listening to hotfm. love the trios... fara fauzana, fbi & ag... there used to be 4 of them, what happened to ucop wilcha ya? hmmm anyway, they always come up with interesting topic, and this morning the topic was #my hero and immediately my dad came into my mind :) as soon as i dropped lisa at her school, i quickly dialed up 03-77108822. have not been calling radio station for a long time now :p just try my luck... since i did not have a headphone, i had to put my hp on speaker.. and guess what??? someone picked up after 2 tries!! yey!! while waiting on the line, i stopped by the roadside.. heheh :D focus tuu... to tell my story, you know :p so here was my story... of course it sounded better on the radio :p but i had to cut it short... the full story was...

1984: i was not in school, maybe it was the school holiday. i was 12 years old then, i think... hmm must be... coz i remembered my pajamas at that time. anyway, a stranger walked into our porch, straight to the door grill. he said he was a salesman, selling encyclopedia. told him my parents were not home. and he said, its ok.. i just want to show you a book. so, being naive, i let him in. and while he was seated at the living room, i went to the kitchen and made him a glass of orange juice. at that time, our maid was in the back room with my younger sisters. 

i did not find anything fishy at first, he asked what activities i am in, in school. so i told him i was in the karate club. "ahh, you must be strong" he said... and later he asked, "do you learn science in school?" i said, "yes", "do you learn about human body?" and i kept quiet as i have started to feel uncomfortable. he showed me pictures of naked human body and focused on the men picture. "i think you better leave" i told him after. "or would you like to see the real human body?" he refused to leave and started to unbutton his shirt! i freaked out!! told him to leave but he wouldn't. instead he challenged me, if i am that strong/good in karate! damn!! 

i quickly walked to the house phone. noticed, we didn't have a hand phone at that time. tried to call my dad... the guy keep on challenging me. "so, you are going to call your dad?" with that sarcastic grin on his face! i turned my back on him. after talking to my dad, i turned around, he has already left.. i just saw him walking out of the gate.

within 10 to 15 minutes, my dad and his friend arrived at the gate... "mana orang tu ain??" asking me where was the man. i said "he just went out to the left!" "get in the car, now!" and we went round the housing area, not long before we saw the man at the junction. my dad stopped the car, got out and grabbed him on his shirt collar, towards the car. 

"what have you done to my daughter??" "engkau kurang ajar dengan anak aku??" "i did not do anything sir" the man tried to deny. "kau jangan tipu!! anak aku dah baik hati bagi kau minum air, kau kurang ajar dengan anak aku??!!" "mintak IC kau! aku bawak kau pergi balai polis!" "eh, apa ni encik, tak payah lah balai polis, saya mintak maaf encik. i am sorry" at this point of time, my dad was about to punch him on his face when my dad's friend held his hand to calm him down, "sabar, kalam. sabar" 

eventually my dad let him go... sent me home, ensure that i locked the gate before he left back to the office. and i believe he made a police report because after my dad went back to the office, a police car came over to the house, with 2 policemen and asked me how does the man looked like. 

and until today, i still remember how my dad saved me... how he rushed home when he heard there was someone who tried to do bad things to his daughter... :) i love you so very much dad! 

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