Tuesday, July 3, 2012

movies lining up

joey asked if we can go and watch madagascar 3 yesterday... i wasn't sure... i am not so much of a movie person.. deddi is.. hehehe :D so most of the time i will ask joelis to ask his dad to go for a movie.. somehow, now deddi is so busy... so, mama lah kena... anyway... yesterday lisa and i went to this massage place... and we kinda miss that movie plan... first i thought joey will not remember anyway because he was glued to his laptop watching the japanese animation cartoon... heheh and last night when i kissed him before he sleeps... joey:"mama ni teruk tau... we were supposed to watch madagascar 3"... hehehe :D 
me: "la, joey kan sibuk tengok fairy tale lah apa lah..." 
joey: "ye laa... mama sibuk urut lah itu lah..." 
me: "okay sayang... next time la bila kita dah relax2 kita pergi okay... byk lagi movies kita nak pergi tengok ni.."
joey: "hmmm" and pulled his comforter.. :) 
the movie that lisa & i would like to watch... 
but it has been forgotten :p
must watch 1st.... ermm... coz it's funny 
and i like to hear joey laughs..
hahahaha :D
waiting for the show .... taraaa!
now that we have moved nearer to KL... we only need to walk down to the shopping mall... :) eheheh :D


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ hemm..nor planning nk wat movie marathon on 13th nih..siap amek cuti sbb keluar pung dgn kawan² yg dh kawen..sekali tak jadi..!!! sbb bg dorang shopping sakan masa sogo sale on 13th tuh..hemmm..melepas la..

Azizi Jijicrisis said...

uu...madagascar best tapi kurang sket berbanding yang africa awesome tu..

yang Spiderman ni xsabar nak tengok...gambar dia cam cantik gile..haha..

Ein said...

orochi: time2 tgh nazak ni tak leh la amik cuti... pengsan whoaa... event lagi 12 hari!!

azizi: you are the 2nd person yg kata madagascar 3 kureng.. tapi masa tgk iklan dia mcm best jer.. :)