Thursday, July 26, 2012

misunderstood :p sorry sayang...

being an experienced wife (kunun la coz dah 2 kali kawin :P) still does not make you a perfect wife :) or partner. well i have never say that i am perfect, but of course we want to be better, right? anyway, miscommunication happens, especially when you are married to a German, hahhaa :D who does not have that many vocabulary in english. :p so anyway, as i was talking to some of my office colleagues yesterday, the topic came out about healthy eating and they find kaiser's way of healthy eating is difficult to achieve. maybe because we've known each other for about 4 years,  it is not so tough for me now. so anyway, my complaint was when kaiser buys things for the house. he will always want to have green apples at home, so, if we are out of it, he will buy them himself. 

my thought that has been in my mind:
whenever he buys anything for the house, it is always about himself.. because he eats green apple, and also the fat free biscuits. he never buys for the whole family, only for himself! 

so, last night, we had this conversation. and when i told him my thoughts above, apparently, i have misunderstood his intention. 

his intention but did not share it with us:
K: i bought the apples not for myself. it is always for the whole family.
Me: but we don't eat green apples, they are sour.
K: that is the problem with you all... green apples are healthier.
Me: why don't you buy normal apples, they are sweeter and softer... 
K: because red apples has high sugar than green apples. it was also sour for me before, but i am used to it.
Me: hummpphh... really? but i thought eat apples are healthier.
K: green apples are healthier, you did not study nutrition.
Me: cheh... ok laaaa
K: hemmm... 

so, the conclusion is, never assume with your partner or anyone for that matter :) always ask for clarification... i was wrong :p. sorry sayang :P hehehe :D and in my thot... 'when was the last time i had this quality conversation with kaiser?' i feel much better now... OMG, cant believe that i actually have this incorrect thought for what... almost the whole of our marriage life? goshh... tiring, isn't. 

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