Friday, July 20, 2012

i arrived in the 40s gracefully ~ alhamdulillah

alhamdulillah, the first word that comes out of my mouth... :) had slight fever since yesterday + flu + sore throat and started with cough this morning. nevertheless, i am thankful to Allah swt that i am 40 today and will continue to have fun and become a better person, insyaallah. hilang lah dosa2 kecil dengan rasa tak sihat sikit tu :) kannn...

i had my birthday wish last night after solat isya' just before i went to bed, asked from Allah swt, i really hope and pray (again) that He will grant me my wish as He never fails to do so... :) i am grateful that i am still able to be with my parents, sisters and family members. i am grateful that i have been given by Him to be able to feel and be loved by a man whom i can call a husband :) 
grateful for my 2 brilliant kids, lisa & joey who never fails to amuse me with their stories, tantrum, creativity and lots of love that no one could ever replace. alhamdulillah for the wealth that Allah swt has given me and enough for the whole family to be comfortable.
alhamdulillah i feel healthy and look gorgeous at the age of 40 (perasan mode - sorry ye...) but yeahh... i feel good, alhamdulillah... although i think my cholesterol is high :P erkkkk

kaiser gave me my birthday present last night before 12 :p... and he gave me a handbag when i told him not to buy anymore handbags for me :p and the best part.... he bought PINK??? :p LOL... sajer lah tu kan... hehehe :D and what was in the bag made me yey!!!! a gps!!! heheheh :D muuahhhh!! love u sayang... 

and when i came out of my shower this morning, was about to take my telekung and i saw someone tidied my bed.. don't remember doing that before i shower! :o then i saw the pillow lisa did for me!! hehehe brilliant!! creative... love it!! thanks gurl... and for staying up till 3am to sew that....awwww... :) *hugs*

joey came in right after with the sort of guilt from his face... heheh :D chill joey... :) your hug is meaningful enough for me... his daddy has been too busy to entertain his kids lately, so i guess he has not bought me any birthday gift :p 

last but not least, if kaiser is okay, i will also get what i wish to do when i reach 40... amin....
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Queen of hearts said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ein! 40 is just a number. My eldest sister turned 40 last year. She said life begins at 40. I guess she's right :)