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huh?? me not hungry?

by - July 05, 2012

i guess this is going to be my journal :D heee heee okay... my fat burner & cell-u-loss supplement started yesterday... both types taken 3 times daily. my breakfast was wrong ie not recommended :P ... so, don't follow.. gulppp... i had nasi lemak.. and my lunch was fried mee hoon + egg + sambal.

on the way home, i had 2 sardine rolls, and that was at around 6pm. normally i would expect to be hungry around dinner time. since i need to send joey for his tuition right after lisa finishes hers, i packed dinner from my parents' house for lisa and i. some rice, roasted chicken & vegetable. but when we reached home, i wasn't hungry... terus bingung seiihhh... lisa merajuk since i didn't want to eat with her...sorry darling... i was just not hungry...
kaiser came home around 930pm.. i was watching criminal minds.. still not hungry... and at that time, can't eat already laa... too late for dinner... fetch joey from his back at 1015pm... still not hungry... hmmm apsal lak ni?? joey yang lapar and he had cookies + milk for supper. in the end, i had half glass of low fat milk, solat and sleep.... wahhh bagus lah macam ni.... boleh la slim balik peha aku :P muahahahaa

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