Monday, July 30, 2012

hosting an iftar :)

hehehe :D upon getting green light from kaiser, we have decided to host an iftar for the family. family means (to me) are my parents and sisters' family. but to kaiser, being a westerner, family would be just him, me and kids... the rest he would count as external family... let's leave that definition etc here... move on to the real topic :p i am so easily distracted, kan.. :P hahaha :D 

leaving in a condo made me have this feeling like, not that comfortable inviting friends/relatives over. simply because i feel like it is troublesome for my guests to park, where guests will need to take a pass, and we need to go down to let them in because of the tight security. but then, until when do i have to feel this way? i love receiving guests/friends. used to have parties and bbq when we stayed in a landed property before. but somehow things changed a little bit. 

anyhow, insyaAllah, this saturday we will have guests :) it is gonna be iftar, followed by solat berjemaah & terawikh. looking forward for the day :)
proposed 1 of the menu :)
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orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ sardin roll kak..!! ahahahaha

Ein said...

hahaha :D sardin roll tak dek dlm menu :p