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haa??? not slim enough?

by - July 04, 2012

for those who wishes to shoot me down with their shot gun... please hold it... heheheh :D chill everyone... i am not saying that i am not slim enough... i just want to cut the fat % in my body and the cellulite that i have on my thigh, or wherever there may be.. :p so, i was relaxing with kaiser on the sofa the other day.. last time i used to take the fat burner but somehow, i think it was too strong for me? but according to kaiser, that is normal for the first few days. my heart beats very fast etc... anyhow, i stopped taking that after the package finished. so, back to few days back... kaiser told me that herbalife has the fat burner & cell-u-loss to do what i want to do.. ermm.. and i bought a book yesterday so that i can do my exercises at home, although i really really miss going to x-treme hardcore gym.. :(
hehehe :D see how serious he is when he is at his
laptop? this is after we talk about the diet..etc..
terus dia tak layan aku... cheh :p

before i proceed, i am not a herbalife distributor okay... hehehe :D i am just using their product because i think it is good... and if only you take care of your diet too! so, these are what i am taking starting today. maybe i should weigh myself and measure certain area of my body that i want to improve? 

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