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coral rehab in tioman 2012

by - July 04, 2012

enough about herbalife... hahahah :D and originally i wanted to write about people who always complain, but i think i changed my mind... after seeing lots of nice pictures uploaded by wids on facebook. all these are from her camera... i have not checked my camera yet.. -tak de mood mode- on that. anyway, now i am in the mood to tell you about our activities, although it has passed like, weeks ago :) read on... 

20th june - 24th june 2012 @ salang pusaka resort, tioman island. i am one of the committee & some of us needed to go there earlier... to hang the banner, to carry the gifts, and to check on certain areas to make sure that it is ready to greet our guests and customers and clients and sponsors.  i think i am not going to post any pictures of the place since have done that on my previous postings. you can look under label 'diving' :)

we left the office just before midnight since some of us still have some work to do. kaiser sent me to the office. joelis' arrangement have been done for school transportation and all. 

we arrived weeeeeee in the morning, slept in the office van... and later we looked for a suitable place to hang the banners... quite a lot of incidents yang tak best... but, errmmm in summary, just didn't like that some people 'suka meminta2 before getting any work done' if you know what i mean. malas nak kupas banyak2 about this issue lah.. 
mula2 pening... mana nak gantung...
almaklum... masih ngantuk... tak mandi... hahahah :D
ni masa 1st day... penat,
lepas tu kena meeting pulak
lepas ni buat goodies bags...
muka masing2 lunyai :p
anyway, we had fun.... the 1st activity was a bit kelam kabut.. maybe baru nak get used to the big group combining divers and snorkelers. we take note on ideas and opinions during that weekend. learned from mistakes. i had my 1st experience the whole day on the boat... had lunch, snacks... puas la berjemur, bak kata orang.. tu yang terus hangit rentung :p and... i was interviewed by tv3 as one of the rep for organising the event. nak tengok, here is the link ya... 

yang pasti nya, malam tak de chance nak lepak coz i sleep early... hahaha dah ada partner tido awal si wids.. ok per... but i think, got to go there again lah... and really lepak and enjoy the island :) enjoy the pictures ya...

while waiting for our boat for the dive activities
getting ready :)
bbq dinner on the last night before closing ceremony
suasana di atas bot :) love it! 
orang kuat... committee :p
right bottom - receiving certificate of appreciation from d boss :) 
see how FUN is my job??? muahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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