Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday dinner cancelled :o

On the phone:-

Me: so, are we going out for dinner tonight?
K: err.. No, because you said you want to go for the prayer.
Me: I already said okay on the white board yesterday.
K: what? You think I am always online?
Me: not online.. On the white board, didn't you read?
K: where?
Me: on the table near the door.
K: no I did not read
Me: why didn't you read a message for you?
K: I don't like to read the white board because it is always about work.
Me: so no birthday dinner tonight? We are all looking forward for it :(
K: that is why I spend so much buy for you 2 presents!
Me: ка̴̴̴̴̴̴͡K fine! So we don't go out for dinner tonight.

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:: nia rashid :: said... b'day dinner but can go for b'day sahur kan sis? hehe..Happy Birthday Sis Ain! xxox!

Ein said...

Tania, tonight i had the best birthday dinner! At my parents house with everyone.. My parents, sisters, cousin, nieces and nephew! Greatttt food! :-)