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be nice to everyone

by - July 25, 2012

i have not been feeling perfect well for the past few days... yeah yeah... i know, the way i write does not show that i was not well.. huurmmm... as i always do, hide my sufferings, share my happiness... pergghhh... ayat!!! :p hahahah wait... don't puke yet! :p anyway... had itchy throat since last thursday. and yesterday it worsen and added with cough, dry cough that i hate so much.. and difficulty of breathing. felt like a swoosh of dust in front of my nose and block em... since i needed to get some urgent and high priority work done, i decided to visit the doctor again just now. 

as i reached the clinic, there were like about 10 men, seemed to be like contractor workers to me... all looked blur :D heheh as they were there for medical check up i presume. what ticked me off was by the way the nurse attended to them. she was rude, and full of disrespect the way that she spoke to them. no matter how low the grade of a person (that you think), you should treat other people with respect. she doesn't need to yell at that person like he doesn't have maruah diri. 

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