Monday, July 2, 2012

bbgs girls rock!!

June 29: the day that we had a surprise birthday dinner & dance later for our dear friend sumi jelly manis... hehehe :D that was what we called her when we were in high school. her hubby has been planning this with tmuna, and tmuna spread it to the usual lepak group... so that day, i wished i could leave the office earlier but that was just my wishful thinking... luckily kaiser already brought joelis home because the maid was coming at 4.30pm to clean up our house and do some ironing. and for joelis, dinner was pizza... that made them happy already :D and i waited till dinner arrived for joelis before i went to the girls' dinner at sheraton imperial. 

we had a good time as usual... salmon was good :) and kaiser came earlier than i thought... heee :D that put a  smile on my face... :) :) and of course... his usual topic at the dinner table (for those who are interested) are about healthy lifestyle... free consultation. ;)

btw, i believe i owe my friends an apology for not focusing 100% on the meet up... i was also busy having to confirm on the tshirt orders etc for our coming event in 2 weeks time! check out the pics people! :)
the hubbys at the top... and wifeys at the bottom pic :)
kaiser & i.... i just love this pic, i don't know why... :)
maybe because we have not been out for quite some time? ;p 
p/s: all pictures are taken with my samsung galaxy note.. and guess what... none of us bring any camera!! omg...!