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the amazing spiderman - my personal review

by - July 17, 2012

taraaa.... i was having ear ache for the past few days... and about 2 weeks! wanna know why? joey lah... he has been asking over and over and over again when can we watch madagascar 3!! arghh fed up i, you... :P and since my mind was so occupied with work - event that was done last saturday, i just could not focus on a movie... i don't wanna be watching madagascar and thinking of zoo negara event, do i? lalalala :D ok ok... let's just get on with it...

yesterday joey was on mc, he had fever and flu... but somehow we think alike. first i thought of going to a movie on sunday, but joey said, he doesn't feel that good. but yesterday he was much better... after taking proper medication... in summary, we went to watch 'the amazing spiderman!' yey!!! kaiser was furious... normallah... he always get upset :p hahahaha but do we care? :p depends lah... this was not joey's fault, i was the one who invited... duhhhh... for kaiser, if you are sick, you should stay home! well he did stay half of the day... taraaa... :p
in summary we like the movie... lisa and i cried when uncle ben died... although it was expected, we still cried. the new spiderman was macho-er than the other one. it was a good movie... i don't know how else to say but i liked it lah... and another part that i like when all the guys with the crane worked and aligned all the cranes so that spiderman could use them to go to the oscorp tower. uhhh.. very touched. :) :p hehehe :D for those who have not watched, it is worth it ... :) although... avengers were still umph! :p

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