Sunday, July 29, 2012

addicted to law & order

better do something about it :P i have been sleeping like past after midnight... watching law & order... leaving kaiser to sleep first as he needs to get up early.. poor guy.. hehe feeling neglected :P hahaha weekends for me is like the time that i replace my sleep.. especially during fasting month... gotta wake up early to prepare sahur, and if possible, not to go back to bed or we will oversleep! and by getting addicted to law and order does not help at all! 4 hours of sleep everyday.. and of course 1 hour replacement in the office :P heheh :D

why do i like law & order? i dont know.. maybe because the way that they work together in a team just interest me. the bond that they have for the whole office... the same goes to criminal minds and ncis actually, but maybe because lately i get to watch law & order more. hemm... i dont know.. nothing important really... just wanting to write something for my readers to read :D muahaahaha LOL

oh.. by the way, today for the first time, i did my own custard sauce for my fruit jelly pudding.. actually i got carried away. wanted to do fruit salad, but then i got excited.. i bought an instant jelly in the box that needs only 30 minutes to hardened, and later i made the custard sauce.. not that difficult eyy. just that, mine was not think enough... will do better next time.. and owhh.. when i get an oven, i can do the bread pudding plus custard sauce! yummehhh :) 
this is the one that i bought but with mango flavor.

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