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by - July 10, 2012

i am so excited right now... and extremely busy... but i so wanna blog... btw did i mentioned that.. ermmm it's like i have given up on earning through blogging... what did i do less? perhaps i blog less.. or maybe whatever that i write do not attract enough people? or i don't advertise enough? hehhe :D my nuffnang adv... i only have like rm5? hahahah :D and my adsense is like rm3... or something like that... aparaaa... 

ehh chop... not finished yet... i was having lunch just now after the meeting. since the meeting was at zoo negara, we had lunch at bukit antarabangsa... and after quite some time, just now i had kurma for lunch and vegetable.. i was telling my staff if kaiser sees me with the mutton kurma, he will be speechless... beyond upset already... and guess what.... as we were finishing our lunch, kaiser stepped into the restaurant!! i went...'ouh!! mati la aku.. :P'

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