Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my dad, my hero ~ selamat hari pahlawan :)

the amcrew @hotfm - my friend in the morning while driving to work :)
usual, routine on the way to work.. i will be listening to hotfm. love the trios... fara fauzana, fbi & ag... there used to be 4 of them, what happened to ucop wilcha ya? hmmm anyway, they always come up with interesting topic, and this morning the topic was #my hero and immediately my dad came into my mind :) as soon as i dropped lisa at her school, i quickly dialed up 03-77108822. have not been calling radio station for a long time now :p just try my luck... since i did not have a headphone, i had to put my hp on speaker.. and guess what??? someone picked up after 2 tries!! yey!! while waiting on the line, i stopped by the roadside.. heheh :D focus tuu... to tell my story, you know :p so here was my story... of course it sounded better on the radio :p but i had to cut it short... the full story was...

1984: i was not in school, maybe it was the school holiday. i was 12 years old then, i think... hmm must be... coz i remembered my pajamas at that time. anyway, a stranger walked into our porch, straight to the door grill. he said he was a salesman, selling encyclopedia. told him my parents were not home. and he said, its ok.. i just want to show you a book. so, being naive, i let him in. and while he was seated at the living room, i went to the kitchen and made him a glass of orange juice. at that time, our maid was in the back room with my younger sisters. 

i did not find anything fishy at first, he asked what activities i am in, in school. so i told him i was in the karate club. "ahh, you must be strong" he said... and later he asked, "do you learn science in school?" i said, "yes", "do you learn about human body?" and i kept quiet as i have started to feel uncomfortable. he showed me pictures of naked human body and focused on the men picture. "i think you better leave" i told him after. "or would you like to see the real human body?" he refused to leave and started to unbutton his shirt! i freaked out!! told him to leave but he wouldn't. instead he challenged me, if i am that strong/good in karate! damn!! 

i quickly walked to the house phone. noticed, we didn't have a hand phone at that time. tried to call my dad... the guy keep on challenging me. "so, you are going to call your dad?" with that sarcastic grin on his face! i turned my back on him. after talking to my dad, i turned around, he has already left.. i just saw him walking out of the gate.

within 10 to 15 minutes, my dad and his friend arrived at the gate... "mana orang tu ain??" asking me where was the man. i said "he just went out to the left!" "get in the car, now!" and we went round the housing area, not long before we saw the man at the junction. my dad stopped the car, got out and grabbed him on his shirt collar, towards the car. 

"what have you done to my daughter??" "engkau kurang ajar dengan anak aku??" "i did not do anything sir" the man tried to deny. "kau jangan tipu!! anak aku dah baik hati bagi kau minum air, kau kurang ajar dengan anak aku??!!" "mintak IC kau! aku bawak kau pergi balai polis!" "eh, apa ni encik, tak payah lah balai polis, saya mintak maaf encik. i am sorry" at this point of time, my dad was about to punch him on his face when my dad's friend held his hand to calm him down, "sabar, kalam. sabar" 

eventually my dad let him go... sent me home, ensure that i locked the gate before he left back to the office. and i believe he made a police report because after my dad went back to the office, a police car came over to the house, with 2 policemen and asked me how does the man looked like. 

and until today, i still remember how my dad saved me... how he rushed home when he heard there was someone who tried to do bad things to his daughter... :) i love you so very much dad! 

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Monday, July 30, 2012

hosting an iftar :)

hehehe :D upon getting green light from kaiser, we have decided to host an iftar for the family. family means (to me) are my parents and sisters' family. but to kaiser, being a westerner, family would be just him, me and kids... the rest he would count as external family... let's leave that definition etc here... move on to the real topic :p i am so easily distracted, kan.. :P hahaha :D 

leaving in a condo made me have this feeling like, not that comfortable inviting friends/relatives over. simply because i feel like it is troublesome for my guests to park, where guests will need to take a pass, and we need to go down to let them in because of the tight security. but then, until when do i have to feel this way? i love receiving guests/friends. used to have parties and bbq when we stayed in a landed property before. but somehow things changed a little bit. 

anyhow, insyaAllah, this saturday we will have guests :) it is gonna be iftar, followed by solat berjemaah & terawikh. looking forward for the day :)
proposed 1 of the menu :)
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

addicted to law & order

better do something about it :P i have been sleeping like past after midnight... watching law & order... leaving kaiser to sleep first as he needs to get up early.. poor guy.. hehe feeling neglected :P hahaha weekends for me is like the time that i replace my sleep.. especially during fasting month... gotta wake up early to prepare sahur, and if possible, not to go back to bed or we will oversleep! and by getting addicted to law and order does not help at all! 4 hours of sleep everyday.. and of course 1 hour replacement in the office :P heheh :D

why do i like law & order? i dont know.. maybe because the way that they work together in a team just interest me. the bond that they have for the whole office... the same goes to criminal minds and ncis actually, but maybe because lately i get to watch law & order more. hemm... i dont know.. nothing important really... just wanting to write something for my readers to read :D muahaahaha LOL

oh.. by the way, today for the first time, i did my own custard sauce for my fruit jelly pudding.. actually i got carried away. wanted to do fruit salad, but then i got excited.. i bought an instant jelly in the box that needs only 30 minutes to hardened, and later i made the custard sauce.. not that difficult eyy. just that, mine was not think enough... will do better next time.. and owhh.. when i get an oven, i can do the bread pudding plus custard sauce! yummehhh :) 
this is the one that i bought but with mango flavor.

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Hows your sunday?

I am having a lazy sunday :-P not proud of myself... Hmmm okay now i better move the book rack as planned... See how it looks later... My dining looks so bare :-(

Friday, July 27, 2012

maafkan aku

sebelum aku mula apa2, aku minta maaf dulu, kut kut lah apa2 yang akan aku tulis (taip :P) ni nanti ada yang menggores perasaan sesiapa. jadi... aku... maafkan kamu... ehh silap.. ternyanyi lagi jamal abdillah pulak :p hehe sabor sabor... bulan poser ni... aku terpanggil jugak nak menaip pasal ni sebab aku tengah serabut.. banyak issue berbangkit sekarang ni.. yang mostly tak boleh nak cerita kat sini. ye lah, memang lah blog ni aku punya, and it is like i can write about anything but then again, for some, they can .. urmm.. ahh tak yah cakap lah... mungkin in the next few paragraph i will be jumping topics, sorry lah ye.. sebab sekarang otak aku tengah macam tu... selamat membaca je lah...

aku paling kureng gemar bila sesetengah pihak tu baru je start pakai tudung, dah macam bagus.. pakai tudung ya, belum properly menutup aurat lagi.. coz there are perbezaan antara pakai tudung dengan menutup aurat. if i were to detailed it here, you readers might say, if i know so much why don't i do it? my answer would be, if you know what is in my heart right now, you would better SHUT UP :) because He knows what is in my heart right now and i am only talking to Him. so those yang berkata2 tu, bukankah anda dulu pun tidak menutup aurat? atau, how sure are you that your action now is perfect ie benar2 menutup aurat... pakai tudung sehingga menutup bahagian dada, walau dimana pun masih menutup aurat, tidak lagi pakai tshirt lengan pendek tetapi masih bertudung... ermmm dan etc etc... seperti biasa, kita akan nampak kekhilafan orang lain, diri sendiri? :( give other people a chance.. 

aku dapat jugak komen2, kadang2 orang berkata2 bila aku bertudung, my style kebiasaan nya aku akan bertudung betul.. ie no more selendang unless emergency, tak de tudung  :p hehehe and sekarang bila lisa dah start menutup aurat, aku tambah lagi ilmu, tutup lah sehingga paras dada... ha gitu :) komen2 orang tu kadang2 aku boleh terima, and kadang2 hendak je aku cakap, "boleh tak cermin muka awak tu dulu sebelum memberi komen sedemikian".

i also remembered during the kuliah agama i attended yesterday, taught by ustaz zul ramly. "kalau seseorang itu semakin dekat hatinya dengan Allah swt, dia akan lebih baik hubungannya sesama manusia" :) which makes me smile... because rata2 cuba tengok sekeliling kita sendiri.. baru improve sikit, cakap dah berdegar2... tajam je menusuk kalbu orang lain. sebelum kita berjaya, bukan kah kita juga pernah berada di bawah? 

so anyway, the point is, in my point of view.. every one in this world has their phases.. i don't know about you because i don't know you.. but to make it easier, i will talk about me. :) fair enough.. because, no one knows me, but myself. i learn new things every day and in my heart i wish to be the perfect Muslimah, which obviously, i am not at present. but as a person, sometimes i became like a new convert. why do i say that? because i want answers.. i want to be able to do something, that is with His instruction and at the same time i want to understand, why do we do that. to most of those who are born Muslim, they take it for granted. 

i often asked myself, when did i learn how to take wudhu' (abulation)... :) and were there any refreshment course? hmm jangan ingat diving je ada refreshment course.. cuma bezanya, pergi diving mungkin 2 kali setahun, and ambil wudhu untuk solat adalah sekurang2nya 5 kali sehari. and i think those classes was when i was in primary school. and along the way, i pick up some new things that i read, but somehow, the feeling of content was not there. the same as solat... i want to be able to truly feel the solat... i am not saying that i dont feel it, but honestly, most of the time i would want to be better... to have it deep in my heart to be felt talking / communicating with Allah swt..  

taking about phases, this, makes me talk to myself.. when i see people/ or friends around me, why they behave such a way.. i was there... so, i guess i understand their behavior? kalau cakap pasal the way i dressed up lah.. semalam or was it pagi tadi, baru cerita dengan JoeLis i used to like wearing clothes like a boy.. haa.. these are my phases
  • 7yrs old - 12yrs old - dresses sebab mama yang arrange...tak pandai nak mintak2 lagi. selalunya akan sama dengan my elder sister cuma berlainan warna :p hehehe
  • 13yrs old - 15yrs old - slacks and shirt, macam lelaki.. sampai ada pakcik kat kg ingat aku lelaki and nak belanja seekor lembu for my upacara bersunat, boley? :P
  • 16yrs old - 18yrs old - jeans and tshirt.. most of the time, i think... 
  • early 20s - short skirt to work - tengah darah muda :P
  • early 30s - still maintain short skirt but more to suits... kunun dah mature sket lah... but to mata orang masih sexy :P and i started to take up gym classes, so i tend to bergaya lebih kut :p hahaha
  • late 30s till now - mixed of office wear and starting to buy long dresses, walaupun kena tegur dengan kaiser.. tapi aku pekakkan telinga sikit... in order for not to mengecewakan kaiser, aku beli dresses yang masih sexy didepan mata dia. ye lah.. suami aku kan... depan mata dia kena la sexy.. 

adalah lebih mudah utk berkata2 when you are not in that situation
so, do not judge a person as you don't know what he/she has gone thru in life
so, ke mana arah ceritanya posting aku hari ni sebenarnya? entah... aku pun tak tau, tapi korang layan je lah baca ehh.. :P and adalah seorang hamba Allah ni seolah2 menyalahkan penghijrahan dia yg menyebabkan kesukaran orang mengambil dia bekerja (in her world of work) which to me, ramai lagi orang2 yang telah berhijrah, okay jer... tak de masalah apa2 pun... murah je rezeki Allah swt bagi.. but in short, in my opinion, dia memang agak celupar... dulu aku pernah kasihan kat dia tapi sekarang, tak lagi kut... and the truth is, at times, memang betul, kurangkan bercakap lebih bagus.. sebab kalau terlebih banyak cakap ni nanti, lain yang keluar... :) 

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can never get enuf of rainbow cakes!

i have not been updating my sister's (N3) production ehhh? :) well actually she has been baking but when i took the pictures, i forgot about it... and since i stayed back yesterday, found this when i browse through. anyway, she has more pictures in her facebook. look out for Nurzida Kalam :)

from adude's delight!
isn't this sweet and beautiful? :)
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

still at the office

why am i still at the office? kan... time is 648pm right now. the trick is, if i cannot make it by 430pm, it's better later. or i will be crawling on the highway with people rushing for iftar. so what did i do? tried to take a nap... but was disturbed by my colleague :p hehehe :D so, apa lagi... i changed my blog layout. so there it is. i think, i have changed my layout including my header, like more than 3 times already in less than 2 weeks! ermm... what else... suddenly i don't know what to write about? i am like stunned... actually i do have things to write about, but if i were to do that, i will be here till after 9pm.. :p ahahaha

ok la.. i better go off now.. continue later... when? soon... i guess... we'll see how, okay... 
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misunderstood :p sorry sayang...

being an experienced wife (kunun la coz dah 2 kali kawin :P) still does not make you a perfect wife :) or partner. well i have never say that i am perfect, but of course we want to be better, right? anyway, miscommunication happens, especially when you are married to a German, hahhaa :D who does not have that many vocabulary in english. :p so anyway, as i was talking to some of my office colleagues yesterday, the topic came out about healthy eating and they find kaiser's way of healthy eating is difficult to achieve. maybe because we've known each other for about 4 years,  it is not so tough for me now. so anyway, my complaint was when kaiser buys things for the house. he will always want to have green apples at home, so, if we are out of it, he will buy them himself. 

my thought that has been in my mind:
whenever he buys anything for the house, it is always about himself.. because he eats green apple, and also the fat free biscuits. he never buys for the whole family, only for himself! 

so, last night, we had this conversation. and when i told him my thoughts above, apparently, i have misunderstood his intention. 

his intention but did not share it with us:
K: i bought the apples not for myself. it is always for the whole family.
Me: but we don't eat green apples, they are sour.
K: that is the problem with you all... green apples are healthier.
Me: why don't you buy normal apples, they are sweeter and softer... 
K: because red apples has high sugar than green apples. it was also sour for me before, but i am used to it.
Me: hummpphh... really? but i thought eat apples are healthier.
K: green apples are healthier, you did not study nutrition.
Me: cheh... ok laaaa
K: hemmm... 

so, the conclusion is, never assume with your partner or anyone for that matter :) always ask for clarification... i was wrong :p. sorry sayang :P hehehe :D and in my thot... 'when was the last time i had this quality conversation with kaiser?' i feel much better now... OMG, cant believe that i actually have this incorrect thought for what... almost the whole of our marriage life? goshh... tiring, isn't. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

niat di hati

aku baru nak bercerita... tentang apa yang aku rasa... dah lama aku pikir or rasa macam ni... tapi bila nak start menaip... mula lah timbul rasa... ermm.. tak tau lah... is it appropriate what i want to write.. but then again, this is my blog, suka hati lah nak tulis apa... pasal aku jugak kan... i am beyond kisah of what people think about me. byk benda lain lagi yang aku boleh fikir... tapi kenapa that stopped me from doing it? from writing what i feel or what i am thinking of? but ... so? naper tak tulis je? entah... skrg biar lah dulu... biar la idea or rasa hati... niat di hati tu macam air yang mengalir kat air terjun jer... 
cantek kan air terjun ni? :) itu kat niagara fall, i was there way back in 1997. sama2 dengan mama & ayah and D... masa tu Lisa dalam perut... hehehe :D terboyot2 aku naik boat kat niagara falls ni... basah kuyup... dan betapa terpegunnya aku dengan ciptaan Tuhan... subhanallah... sungguh menakjubkan.. 

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be nice to everyone

i have not been feeling perfect well for the past few days... yeah yeah... i know, the way i write does not show that i was not well.. huurmmm... as i always do, hide my sufferings, share my happiness... pergghhh... ayat!!! :p hahahah wait... don't puke yet! :p anyway... had itchy throat since last thursday. and yesterday it worsen and added with cough, dry cough that i hate so much.. and difficulty of breathing. felt like a swoosh of dust in front of my nose and block em... since i needed to get some urgent and high priority work done, i decided to visit the doctor again just now. 

as i reached the clinic, there were like about 10 men, seemed to be like contractor workers to me... all looked blur :D heheh as they were there for medical check up i presume. what ticked me off was by the way the nurse attended to them. she was rude, and full of disrespect the way that she spoke to them. no matter how low the grade of a person (that you think), you should treat other people with respect. she doesn't need to yell at that person like he doesn't have maruah diri. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red velvet from adude's delight

Excellent having a sister who loves to bake! Today Lisa got cuppies of red velvet with cream cheese for her birthday celebration. :) thank you to mugdude!! :) and kids were so happy that they get pizza party! everyone was too busy grabbing pizza, murtabak, mee hoon soup that no one takes pictures??? OMG! :p that is so terrible!! :) hahaha :D 

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kesian dia tercepit...

time time poser ni.. kadang2 orang jadik kurang produktif... eppp eppp... haa jangan buruk sangka... sekarang ni aku tengah amik break kejap... rasa nak muntah pun ada ni, sebab sakit kepala.. dari semalam sekejap aku pakai la cermin mata aku kejap..

aku rasa sakit kepala aku ni ada banyak sebab.. cuma tak tau yang mana satu... salah satu, terlebih tidur last weekend.. :p tapi aku dah gi urut, dah rasa lega sket... pas tu sejuk sangat kat opis ni... jari jemari pun dah beku.. ok ok laa.. tak beku cuma sejuk sanattt... or, sebab puasa, kurang la minum air masak... rasanya malam tadi dengan masa sahur dalam 4 gelas je kut.. or mungkin 3 gelas.. mana cukup.. or, aku lama sangat tenung lappy nih.. dah kerja, nak buat camne... aku try jugak cari benda warna hijau nak tenung... tak de pulak.. entah lah,,, dah berpinar2 ni... ataupun aku terkejut dengan cerita/peristiwa yang berlaku last weekend... urmmm.. takkan kut... 

tadi aku renung2 la blog aku ni.. sekali ternampak apa pelik benor aku punya tajuk2 kecik kat blog nih.. macam ada yang tak kena pulak. laa... tercepit rupanya.. hahaha :D aku ni kalau boring2 kan suka tukar2 layout blog aku nih... so haritu time gatal2 tu dok tukor le size text... rupanya terbesor.. maka tak muat la nak isi semua.. :D haha bengong betul lah... ha.. skrg dah betul kan dah :p

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