Tuesday, June 26, 2012

post event syndrome

do i even have the chance to have the post event syndrome? :p anyway, event is done... i will post stories and the happenings other days... as usual and expected, there are comments here and there... for those who attended these event(s), last year and this year, they would know what actually happened and the situation.. and not forgetting the purpose of each person going for the event. some may just want to go and have fun, have a break out of the office, and for some they care for the activity that we had... at the same time, we also have people - the outsiders who prefers to watch from far without actually joining the event, and later on spread stories out of it.... about the happenings... about the people... amazing isn't it for some people?! :) *sigh* like i have always mentioned, 'mulut tempayan boleh ditutup, mulut manusia.... lantak pi lah...'  anyway, that was the post event syndrome... :D

so, today i was actually sort of on leave... but since there is another event coming in 3 weeks, i am in the office, after settling what is needed to be done. :) had breakfast with my mom, playing with zharee for a while... :D and send my mom to pcmc. she has problem with her right leg... so, this is the follow up check up. when we went to see the doctor, since the pain didn't really went away, doctor suggested to do mri that will be done later in the afternoon. just to double confirm what is tear inside her leg. so, that's about it... maybe i will be there again later.. 
that's my mama, checking her weight and bp :)
 first time i saw, chair with weighing machine... :P