Tuesday, June 19, 2012

not in the mood

call me whatever you want... but i am thrashing whatever that i am thinking right now. work has been hell. still doing it though but aarghh.... home has its own issues... hate to talk about it here, lantak lah.. i have better things to do. if you ask me, nope, i don't feel like going for the event this coming weekend. feeling like shit. this is going to be my last year being in a committee. do i love diving? yes... but i don't think i want to work with the team anymore... might as well concentrating on something else. the passion has turned into a dragging task. ikhlas? shut up!! don't try to talk about ikhlas on this matter with me. some of us have done beyond our own responsibility... will we be rewarded as much as we sacrificed? ermmm let me think about it... better not answer... some people come to the office and sleep, they get rewarded... some people talk cock, they get rewarded... some people who works like hell, what do they get? a piece of shit! and not to mention stupid decisions that some people make... that i wasted almost 2 years doing the same thing, repeating it more than twice, just to satisfy someone's ego!! blardy hell!! that is nature of work... but nevertheless, with these people that i have to work with.... i still get my monthly reward, alhamdulillah. that, i am grateful to Allah... i am just tired of working with some people. and now i have not even started packing...

just this made me happy... today... did not plan to buy one.. although i will lying if i say that i have not thought about it. maybe because i have not found one that suits my taste after my first buy way back in 2007 when i got my licence. so, i guess it is time? :) justifying my expenses :)
i hope this is the right one that i found on the internet...

joelis, mama is going to miss both of you so much!
love you :*

for those who have followed me through the segment, i have added you in the bloglist but i have not followed you back as of today... insyaAllah i will do so after my work trip. if i forget, please remind me? :)