Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my passion ~ netball

this is the semangat everytime or most of the time after our company's sports carnival :p and now i am at my sofa, waiting for kaiser to come home from his thailand breakaway trip. normally after watching smash, i'd go to bed.. but today, followed by hawaii five 0, ncis... and a bit of royal pains... okay anyway, this year i really thought that i am not playing for netball. not that jual mahal, but after certain things happening in the office, i did not really feel like contributing to the company... my previous thought. and moreover, i just dislike travelling nowadays.. unless if it is family holiday or diving :p LOL :D

well anyway... from the start when our captain sent the email, i kept quiet.. and one day i sent her an email saying that i will not play... somehow, i attended their 1st training at UM.. and argghh.. i just cannot lie to myself!! i just love playing netball... :D to cut story short... there i was in penang last weekend.. and we brought back the gold! check out me, in action! :p

thank you to my both darlings...lisa & joey... loyal supporters! who were paksa be with me in the hot sun! :p and kaiser for the new dri fit jersey... it was so comfy! love it! 


Snuze said...

Netball ... such a violent game, hehehe. Used to be at the netball court that you see the true colours of the class goody-two-shoes; the vicious clawing and screaming ...

Congratulations on the win!

Ein said...

Thanks Nin... guess what... there's one player who looks like you! and netball is not violent lah... hehhe :D