Sunday, June 10, 2012

mommy's down!

argghh not liking it at all... but, i supposed it is okay to fall sick.... hapus dosa2 kecil, orang kata :) having the whole package this time (fever + flu + cough). don't remember the last time i fell sick like this. it started when i first arrived in penang last thursday... whole body aching.. started with flu and feeling a bit warm.. so i took 2 panadols + 1 flu tablet. and i slept it away... the next morning, woke up for netball match. i was feeling ok... but i guess the heat hit me?  by the time we got back to the hotel, i was feeling weaker... showered, had lunch and slept... was supposed to go out with our friend but i was too tired.. joelis were okay to stay in the room... so, ok lah... then after maghrib, our friend picked us up and took us out for dinner, and straight to the night market in feringghi.... don't ask me what i bought? :p hahahaa :D when we got back at the hotel, we slept, and that saturday, i was really flat! i ordered room service for breakfast... and my friend packed lunch for us.. and i slept again... omg!! have not been like this, for ages! 

that saturday night we went back to KL... by the time we arrived our home, it was already 230am!! it was such a long journey we felt.. urgghhh... the nice part, we won for netball, and last i heard, HQ won overall?! yey!!! 

the next question is, will i be able to make it to the office tomorrow? :( and i miss my kaiser :( :(