Monday, June 18, 2012

a great monday so far!

busy busy at the office... going away for work trip... nowadays whenever i needed to travel, i will always feel like coming back home soon... will be missing my joelis... hmmm not really liking the travelling.. but at times, since i am fully employed.. do i have any choices? there are quite a few things that i am frustrated with in the office lately... arghhh... but then again, i need to feed my 2 kids... so, again... no choice at the moment. 

so my dear blog readers... i may not be updating my blog for a while... [yes aarr? ;)] or maybe short updates from my BB... coz where i will be, the internet connection is bad! yeup been there... and it s^45s big time :p :( 

anyway... i had a good day today.. i guess... and life goes on... and this following segment i am doing for the first time is really hectic yeahh.. hehehe :D how do these youngsters keep up? :o 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ kak..rileks..rileks sudah..ehehe..xmo penin..penin paler dah..

Ein said...

muahahah :D mari kita kerja!!!