granola bar for snacks

I made 4 pairs of egg sandwiches today :D I know I am going to be busy... 1 pair for me, 1 for joey, 1 for lisa and passed 1 pair to Lenss coz I know she will not know what to eat.. ♥‎​​​◦°◦нåнäнãнäнâ◦°◦♥ anyway, I am extremely busy (now taking a break) but I am hungry... So this is what I take for snacks :)

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~ lens jeks..? kat nor tak pass pung..?? sedey..sob..sob..sob.. :(
Ein said…
lerr... kita tgh lapar, nak bagi kat orang lagi? :o
~ itu maknanyer..lenkali buat la lebih³.. :P

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