Corus Paradise Resort, Port Dickson, my personal review

check it out people! first thing first okay.... i have a few hotels to review... so, it's gonna be straight to the point :p
  • date of visit: 2nd - 3rd June 2012
  • location: Corus Paradise Resort, Port Dickson.
  • room: Junior Suite which has 1 king size bed, and a living room. I chose the one that can walk out to the beach.
  • decor: Old but okay, acceptable. 
  • cleanliness of the room: 7 out of 10. 
  • cleanliness of the area: there were too many flies around... in the room, in the cafe... everywhere! and apparently the staff said that it is the season? huh?
  • hotel service: staffs were not so knowledgeable. I think they need more training to know about the hotel's services and even room types. I asked the type of room to one of the house keeping staff, they don't know the room type? 
  • cafe service: not that much choice, but ok lah... disturbed by the flies!
  • food: 6 out of 10
  • pool: the water doesn't look clean, especially when there are high usage. 
  • activities: kids enjoyed the paintball (although tembak dinding jer) and also the archery.
when we arrived, they gave us the wrong room. and made us change the room, twice.. the first time, the room was not ready.. somehow i was puzzled because i booked 2 junior suites, and the other room was different. then, when we were already in the room, they said, they have given the wrong room to us. when they changed our room, the phone was not working. hmmmm... then someone from the reception called us and inform us that we got 2 rooms on the other side of the building (different wing, i guess) but when we are prepared to move and pass the keys, they said the rooms were already sold to other customer! huh??? her (an indian staff/lady at the front office) comment when i asked was, "already sold to other customer!" without even looking at me.. and i find it rude. but anyway.. i just brush it off. 

somehow, i kinda like the live karaoke outside of our room, but to my younger sister who had her 2 year old daughter wasn't too happy with the loud sound :p

see the crowd? :o
and because we were unhappy with the service we decided to check out and left 1 day earlier... before that, i asked at the front office if they have charged my credit card, and she said no.. so, that was when i said, ok, we are checking out because we are unhappy with the service.. and guess what, when we wanted to return the keys, the staff said we cannot cancel 1 night because we booked through an agent. i was like...duhhhhh... and apa lagi... i called N3 and she argued... and we managed to check out with 1 night payment only. *phew* penat whoaa.. go holiday macam ni...
front view of our room
accompanying my dad fishing :)
the pool area taken from below


Queen of hearts said…
Oh that sucks! I hate it when vacation is ruined by idiots. I had a bad experience with Berjaya Tioman. Sucks big time!

I've read about Chorus hotel PD review on Tripadvisor. Seems pretty bad. A friend of mine emailed me last year about crocodile in Chorus hotel swimming pool.
I don't know how true. Hang on let me check...
Someone's blog.
Ein said…
i heard about that buaya case too, but cannot be in the pool because the pool is in the middle of the building, sort of... so memang tak ada laluan dari luar... but if in the sea mungkin la... but where could the buaya came from?

we sort of had no choice because last minute booking, that's why we chose Corus... but i guess to the whole family, dah blacklist kut...
Queen of hearts said…
Sorry silap, not the pool but the oval shaped beach. Buaya sesat. I read in another article about crocodile in PD but away from any resort.

Btw, nice pic of you fishing with your dad :P So sweet!

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