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Chocolate Cake Story

by - June 15, 2012

i remembered when i was in high school, many many many years ago when there was a season when we baked chocolate cake. yeup.. you are reading this right! i used to bake my own chocolate cake.. i love the moist chocolate cake.. but not so rich. so after trying a few times, i learned a new way from my friend ameilia ariffin :) yeup.. i remembered that she taught me how to make a delicious moist chocolate cake. :) those were the memories when i was younger... and i taught my younger sister N3 how to do it.. somehow, now, i do not bake anymore.. and my younger sister is making a home business with her delicious cakes... 

anyway, the above was just an intro about chocolate cake. today, i found out that... everyone can start baking their delicious chocolate cake. with the current technology, people can learn fast.. so, why not share this information and educate people on how to bake their own chocolate cake? maybe, you have done it before but you find they are not delicious enough? or maybe you dare not try because you don't know the right technique? don't be shy... now you can learn... and who knows, you will be an entrepreneur? 

click here!

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