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blabber time

by - June 04, 2012

fine! too bad or it was just my luck that when it goes wrong, it was with me... but at least, i know how to handled it... or i have the experience and i don't panic. i knew what went wrong.. duhhh... if i don't tell then you might get stuck somewhere by the road in the middle of traffic jam! then, i can say, serve you right?! arghhh.... remind me to just use my own car next time okay!!! dem it!! 

and she doesn't wear whatever that i bought for her anymore... this is the time when i feel that everyone in this f6c3ing world if getting further and further away.... and i should be doing so.... F%C(... arghhhh.... i hate this... no.. i don't know... i just feel like crying!!... why do i feel so alone?? and don't give me that 'you are not alone' statement coz God is with you.. of course i know that but i am just saying that humanly, i feel that way!! get it??? aarrghh.... get away from me NOW!!! shit!!!

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