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Berjaya Penang Hotel, my personal review

by - June 11, 2012

somehow, we are getting used to this junior suite thingy :p next... gosh there has been so many travelling and my health is not that excellent lately.. for one, i think all of us are allergic to air conditioned bedroom. we'll start to get flu and the worst was for me.. i started to have fever..hmmm okay, not gonna talk about that now.. coz, it has been told.. :p okay this one is fully sponsored by the company i worked for... so... urmm...
  • date of visit: 7th - 9th June 2012
  • location: Berjaya Penang Hotel, Penang.
  • room: Junior Suite, 1 king size bed and 1 additional single bed + a small living room.
  • decor: nice, like it :) 
  • cleanliness of the room: 9 out of 10. 
  • hotel service: efficient, the bell boy took our luggage immediately and brought them to the front office. 
  • cafe service: not that much choice. 
  • food: 6 out of 10, but pricey. :(
  • pool: too small that joey decided not to swim! LOL :D
  • lift: was too slow and not enough to cater on high traffic 
top: the living room
bottom: the entrance of the room

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